Are DTF Transfers Good?

It is of course no coincidence that DTF printing has been heard a lot lately. Whether DTF technology is good or not is one of the topics of curiosity. Soft textured and brightly colored, this printing technique is good compared to many methods. We can also explore DTF printing more closely, which provides different advantages for garment printing.

Reasons for Preference of DTF Printing 

DTF transfer is a preferred technique because it is considered better than most printing methods. DTF transfer technique is different from others because it is applied on many fabrics. The fact that it can be applied on different materials such as 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 50/50 cotton and polyester blend is the reason why it is preferred. At the same time, the fact that it is applied to dark and light colored fabrics without extra steps is a feature that makes it different from many other printing techniques. Other advantages of DTF printing are given below:

Durable and convenient printing: One of the reasons why DTF printing is preferred is that it offers durable printing. This is because the ink is applied directly to the garment. The print transferred directly to the garment is durable and elastic. Therefore, it won't crack or fall off.

Reduced ink costs: DTF transfer is advantageous because it requires less white ink. This is because DTG printing requires 200% white ink while DTF printing requires 40% white ink. Ink costs are therefore lower with this printing. 

Easy design: One of the reasons why DTF transfer is preferred is the ease of design. Applying the design to many fabrics in an easy way is one of its best aspects. All that is needed in this printing method is heat and space. Therefore, it will be enough to transfer the design to the transfer paper. Since it requires no special equipment, the transferred print can be sold directly to customers.

Very small footprint: In DTF printing, the stock of designs cannot be printed on every size or garment. However, it is possible to print most of the designs in advance. You can store them and sell them later, using very little space. So for the best-selling items, the prints will always be ready and easy to send to the customer.

What are the Advantages of DTF Printing over Other Printing?

DTF printing can have many advantages over other printing processes. One of the most important differences is that it produces excellent results in complex prints. Because in most other printing techniques, simple prints are made. DTF printing, on the other hand, prints different elements such as print photographs, fine art, graphics and small text. These prints are very close to the original design, resulting in quality results.

DTF is by far ahead of other printing techniques. This increases the demand for this printing technique. Whether you are taking a single t-shirt printing order or a bulk printing order, it is possible to do them all at the same time. Since it is a fast printing technique, it can also make comprehensive prints at once. DTF is a popular printing method among dropshipping companies and can be distinguished from others in this aspect.

DTF printing is an environmentally friendly printing technique and seems to be the most preferred technique in the future. This printing technique, which leaves no worries about stock, makes it possible to store print transfer paper in less space. Therefore, there is no need to produce excessive products on demand. In addition, since the ink products are water-based, they are non-chemical and not harmful to the environment.

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