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What is DTF Printing?

DTF printing systems have become a popular service in many parts of the world. As a company, we serve all over America. DTF Transfer has started to be used in many parts of the printing textile field. Prints made with the classic printing (octopus, screen printing) or DTG (printing on cotton fabric) pre- and post-processes have started to become easy prints made in a much shorter time. This resulted in savings in time, energy and personnel.

With the DTF printing system, it is possible to print on all kinds of textile products, on all kinds of fabrics and on the desired area. We apply the print made on Pet film by the DTF printing machine to the desired surface with a hot press machine and the print is obtained. The print looks very vivid and is resistant to stretching and tearing.

You can order by contacting us through our website and sending a design logo photo of your choice. If you want to specify details, all details and notes are taken into consideration. We will process your order on the same day without any delay. It is turned into transfer paper that is printed on t-shirts and similar clothes using a temperature system and delivered to you. With the printing paper you receive, you can print clothes on any area you want in your home.

What is done with the DTF Machine? Where is it used?

DTF transfer printing system is a highly advanced and high quality system. With its digital system, its usage area and numbers are quite large and flexible. It can be used in all textile fields, from low-area jobs to large-area jobs. It has many advantages as well as other printing transfer options. For this reason, mass production can be made and it is used in mass production factories as well as printing companies.

We deliver the DTF printing system to you professionally. Some products and areas where we use the printing system and where you can use it:

  • T-shirt printing
  • work clothes
  • Raw cloths
  • Bag
  • Fabric printing
  • Hat
  • Mask
  • Form

DTF printing machines are used in many textile fields. You can easily use the prints we send you in any area you want. They are long-lasting and do not disperse or flow.

To print with the DTF Machine, you need:

  • DTF printer
  • Pet film
  • Sugar powder (glue)
  • Hot Press
  • Textile product

First, the selected digital image is prepared. The image prepared for printing is processed in the RIP machine and made ready for printing. With DTF printing machine, the printing is transferred onto Pet film. After the printing confectionery and drying process, it is transferred to the desired textile product with the help of hot press.

DTF Textile Printing Features

DTF pigment ink is specially designed for the printing machine we use. Perfectly drying and plain made for use with DTF printers. It is possible to achieve excellent printing results with inks specially made and used for textile printing. You imagine, design, send and we will print it for you. You can use it comfortably in clothes, home textiles, shoes, bags and many other areas.

Known and prominent features are:

  • High color intensity and outstanding color saturation
  • Can be applied on cotton, leather fabric, wood, swimwear, high elastic fabric and other fabric types
  • Washing resistance
  • It is chevere friendly and does not contain toxic substances.
  • Their color is vivid and does not fade. Suitable for long-term use.

And it has many other interesting features. Thanks to the high protection and quality of the prints you make with DTF ink, you can use them for a long time. You can also use it in your washing at 30 degrees and above.

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