DTF Transfer

DTF transfer is the newest and fastest printing technique we use. DTF consists of the initials of the word "Direct to Film". The purpose of the transfer is to print on a special DTF film using special DTF printer ink. The next stage is printing on the fabric. There is no pretreatment that needs to be applied to the fabric.

We serve our customers all over America. You don't need to put limits on your dreams during the transfer phase. You can place your order by uploading the design, logo, photographs, drawings and shapes you want on our website

Our DTF Printers are absolutely reliable. As an inkjet printer, it works with ink. These inks used are the latest quality products and do not bleed or smear.

DTF Transfer is one of the most important areas that are asked and desired in Hybrid printing and we are working in this area as well. With the DTF transfer printing technique, we offer you professional hybrid printing translations using reflective textile foil.

What are the Advantages of DTF Transfer

DTF Transfer has many advantages over other techniques. The transfer process can be applied on all kinds of fabrics. For example, sublimation transfer can only be applied on white polyester. DTG can only be applied on cotton fabrics. In these processes, you especially need to make a preliminary treatment to the fabric and this causes both cost and time loss.

Companies say that it works on every fabric by using white toner. Yes, although white toner can be applied to every fabric, the error and wastage rate is quite high and it is a very costly type of printing. Another type is cut-cut textile foils. Sorting this process takes a lot of time and causes labor loss.

There is none of this in the DTF print transfer process. The consumables are of high quality and affordable. Printing is done on fabrics of all types and sizes. It does not require any work such as cutting, weeding and correction and you will not waste time. The prints are of high quality, long-lasting and flexible. Detailed prints are made even so thin that you cannot cut them. It is possible to print on every point and every corner of the fabric you want with this process. You are not restricted to flat areas. Printing even on the zipper edge is possible with DTF printing.

If you cannot deliver your fabric to us, we will convert the type of printing you have sent to us into a transfer paper printed with temperature on any garment on the same day and deliver it to you. You can put the pressure on your own clothes of your choice.

What Should Be Considered When Purchasing DTF Transfer Printing Product? 

The first step to be considered when buying DTF Transfer printing products is to be a reliable company. Our company provides its reliability for you with its quality and easily accessible service to all parts of America.

DTF transfer requires more knowledge and professionalism than other techniques. Most customers work with poor quality printing companies by thinking about the printing event easily and pressing a button and saying that this price is given. Unfortunately, things are not that simple in DTF printing.

For the transfer process, quality ink, fabric to be ready for printing, knowledge of basic graphics and color and basic training for printing are required. Our company printing staff and machinery are extremely professional and knowledgeable. You can choose the highest quality and most suitable prints for yourself by examining the printing works we have done.

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