Can DTF Transfers Go On Cups?

DTF transfers are a printing technique used for many products. It meets the needs of businesses and individuals, especially since it is applied on clothes. It even creates new products as it can be applied on wood, metal and glass. DTF printing applied on glass products is also suitable for mugs. You can read the rest of the content for detailed information about the process of applying this printing technique on cups and mugs.

What Are the Advantages of DTF Printing on Mugs?

DTF transfer enables printing in various patterns and colors on the mug. For this reason, it has gained popularity and provides many advantages. It offers many advantages when DTF printing is applied to the products of mugs. This printing offers the following advantages for the mug products to which it is applied:

  • It prevents cracking and peeling on the applied mugs. It provides a smooth and longer lasting print.
  • It offers suitable pattern and color solutions for every type of mug glass. Therefore, it is versatile and can be applied indiscriminately.
  • It is suitable for applications requiring specific and detailed printing.
  • Suitable for light and dark colors. If your print contains complex and bright colors, you can use DTF printing.
  • It requires no pre-treatment and can be printed in a short time without any effort.
  • The prototype produces excellent results. Prints do not create any weight on the mug.

Can DTF Printing be Used for Water Bottles?

DTF prints are a technique that can be applied on cups and thermoses. This versatile transfer technique is also suitable for water bottles, hats and textured glasses. Therefore, it can be applied to many products. It creates products that appeal to promotional, gift or purely individual pleasures.

What Are UV DTF Cup Coatings?

UV DTF cup coatings are a special transfer method applied to cups and thermoses using a special printer. In this process, UV cured and fixed ink is transferred onto a thin and transparent film. No heat press is required in this process. It is simply applied immediately to the cup or glass.

How Do UV DTF Cup Coatings work?

UV DTF cup coatings work on the principle of printing the design onto a thin film. This film is transferred directly onto the cup or tumbler without the need for a heat press. The designs resulting from the printing process using UV-curable ink are highly durable. For this reason, tumbler products made with UV DTF are resistant to fading.

Why UV DTF Cup Coatings Are So Preferred?

UV DTF tumbler coatings shorten your business processes even more than usual. These coatings eliminate the need for stereotypical vinyl cutting, layering and sorting. This further speeds up production processes and enables more cups to be printed. UV DTF transfer, which speeds up business processes even more, is preferred because it saves time.

DTF printing gives a professional and smooth print quality to the mugs it is applied to. It offers more aesthetic and faster solutions than vinyl. Attractive and high quality mug prints can be sold and gifted in businesses. We also make special prints on mugs with DTF printing method. We can print the designs you create in the patterns and colors you want by sending them to us.

How Do UV DTF Cup Coatings Differ from Vinyl Coatings?

Vinyl cup liners are a printing method applied on glasses and cups. However, this printing method causes laborious workload such as cutting, layering and sorting. At the same time, the cup prints produced with this printing technique may not be permanent. Therefore, there are many differences between UV DTF transfer.

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