Choosing the Right DTF Printer

It is important to choose the right printer in the DTF printing system. In DTF printing systems, printers produced for this purpose are used. Choosing the right printer is an important step in making the printing process successful. This printing system is environmentally friendly. With its customizable designs, it is among the most preferred printing systems by customers and designers. Businesses that want to make a profit and achieve successful production prefer the DTF system.

Printers used in the DTF transfer method are the main source of this system. First of all, the design pattern is transferred directly onto the pet film. Afterwards, powder adhesive is applied between the fabric and the ink in the film. Using the heat press method, the ink in the film is transferred to the fabric through heat. Then the pet film is peeled off from the fabric. Thus, the printing process is completed.

This printing method has managed to have an important place in the clothing industry since the day it first appeared. DTF printers have many advantages:

  • Wide range of application areas
  • Efficient printing processes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable and long-lasting prints

How to Choose a DTF Printer?

Custom DTF printing system has many advantages. DTF systems do not contain complex processes. Moreover, it is not necessary to do anything to prepare the fabric before the process. Designs are transferred to pet films and the inks in these pet films are transferred to the fabric through heat.

There are some points to consider when choosing a DTF machine. First of all, the needs of small or large businesses are different and printers should be chosen according to the needs. While some printers enable high capacity product production, some printers operate at lower capacity. This affects production speed and efficiency. Larger printers are used for larger productions, and smaller printers are used for smaller productions.

When choosing a printer, factors such as production capacity and the size of the prints to be printed are extremely important. Moreover, it is also important that the printers are of high quality. There are many DTF printers on the market. It is important to choose the right one among these printers. Before purchasing a printer, your wishes and needs must be determined. Expectations for the printer to be purchased later should be taken into consideration. It is important to choose a DTF printer in line with these wishes, needs and expectations.

Advantages of DTF Printers

With the custom heat transfer system, it is possible to produce efficiently. Moreover, with the advantage of custom gang sheet, pre-prepared designs can be applied to the fabric as soon as the order is received and the product can be made ready.

DTF printers are produced specifically for this system. Moreover, DTF prints can be applied to almost any desired surface. In some printing methods, only cotton or apolyster fabrics are processed. However, many surfaces can be printed with this printing method. It is also frequently used in the clothing, decoration and accessory industries.

With large format printers, different operations can be performed and larger productions can be realized. This is of course an element that varies depending on the printer chosen. With the ink suitable for various textile materials, the printouts obtained with these printers are durable for a long time.

DTF printing systems are more environmentally friendly compared to other printing systems. DTF printers transfer the design directly to the film. This process occurs by spraying ink onto the pet film. In some printing systems, plenty of water and intense chemicals are used. This is also very harmful to the environment. However, there is no such thing in DTF technology.

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