Comparison of DTF Transfer Machines

Comparison of DTF Transfer Machines

The growing interest in DTF printing has coincided with the introduction of new desktop printers. DTF machines facilitate printing on any color and fabric. They are therefore different from the machines used in the sublimation printing technique.  There is no need to cut materials such as ecosolvent and HTV. DTF transfer machines with all these features are quite numerous in the market. Therefore, you may not know which one to choose. In this article, we will compare DTF printing machines.

Prestige A3+ / A3+ R DTF Printer

The Prestige A3+ / A3+ R DTF Printer was one of the first machines on the market specifically designed for DTF printing. There are many advantages of this printer. The first advantage is its smaller footprint and low price. Another feature of the A3+ model is that it is sheet-fed only. It therefore requires manual dusting.  The Prestige A3+ R is similar in size and requires automatic dusting. Both printers have one feature in common. This is that they both have a maximum DTF width of 13 inches.

DTF-Mini300ProMax/ DTF-Mini360S Fluo

DTF-Mini300ProMax and DTF-Mini360S Fluo are among the most widely used DTF machines on the market. First of all, we can talk about the features of the DTF-Mini300ProMax machine. This machine has a double Epson PrecisionCore™ XP600 print head. The printer, which draws attention with its 300mm printing width, prints at a maximum of 6-10m2/hour.  It supports the printing process with C, M, Y, BK, LC, LM+W ink types.

When we come to the features of the DTF-Mini360S Fluo machine, we see that it has a Dual Epson PrecisionCore™ XP600 printhead. This print head is the same as the other printer. It has a print width of 300mm, the same as the other machine. Many features of this machine are the same as the other one. Therefore, it prints at 6-10m2/hour. However, there is only one difference and that is the ink variety. DTF-Mini360S requires Fluo, C, M, Y, BK, LC, LM, FM, FY, FR, FG+W ink types.

Epson F2100 DTF and DTG Printer

The Epson F2100 DTF and DTG printer is used for both DTF and DTG operations. Therefore, it has combo printer features. Although the price tag is low, it is seen as one of the best performing printers on the market.  Although it is not a new printer, it is easy to use and performs effective printing processes. In addition, the fact that the printing speed and quality are very good is one of the advantages it offers. Thanks to its special settings, it offers users a flexible use. However, it should be noted that printing in high resolution can take a long time.

Roland BN-20D DTF Printer 

Roland BN-20D DTF is one of the special transfer machines. This printer only prints from the roll. This printer, which can also be used as a vinyl cutter, has superior capabilities. The cartridge ink is 20 inches wide. This PC compatible DTF transfer machine works with Versaworks software. This printer has a larger footprint than the Uninet 100 DTF printer. It also has a higher price than the Uninet 100 DTF.

Uninet 100 DTF Printer

The Uninet 100 DTF is one of the specialized DTF transfer printers. This printer is comparable in size and function to the Prestige A3+. However, there are some important differences. The Uninet 100 is a compact desktop printer.   It runs ink with the printer, which the Prestige A3+ does not have.  The Uninet 100 is PC compatible like the other printer. This printer requires refillable ink bottles, which is often time consuming.

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