Determinants of Print Quality on Clothings -

Determinants of Print Quality on Clothings

The print quality of clothing affects the wear time and the aesthetic appearance of the garment. Therefore, the determinants of print quality are important. So what are the determinants of print quality in clothes? The most important determinant is the quality of the print. If a quality print is used, you can wear your clothes for a long time. Only this determinant is not enough. If you want to learn these determinants and choose the print quality accordingly, you can continue reading the content.

Printing Technique 

One of the most prominent factors affecting the quality of printing on clothes is the printing technique. Today, many printing techniques are used for clothing prints. If you want to make quality printing, you can choose one of the transfer printing, screen printing or digital printing techniques.  Especially the DFT transfer printing technique preserves the vibrancy of the colors and allows you to wear your clothes longer.

Ink Used  

Inks are one of the essentials of garment printing. The ink determines the depth and brightness of the colors. In other words, it is necessary to prefer inks that are easy to apply on clothes and are not temporary. It is important to use quality ink to wear it for a long time.

Surface of the Print  

When printing on clothes, the surface is taken as a basis. This surface must be clean. If it is not clean and dusty, the prepared print does not fully penetrate the surface. This results in a sloppy print. However, effective results are obtained when printing on a clean and dust-free clothing surface. In other words, you can easily apply the print you have prepared to the surface and see the pattern more clearly and with better quality.

Clarity of Detail of Print

One of the determining factors of print quality on clothes is the quality of the details. Especially if you want to make a complex and detailed print, these details must be clear. Accordingly, you should choose the printing technique that shows clear details in the best way. At this point, you may not know which technique you should use for detailed printing. Today, one of the printing techniques that shows detailed and complex designs in the clearest way is DTF transfer. With this printing technique, you can apply the finest details of your design to your clothes.

Resilience and Aesthetics

Quality also means durability. For this reason, another factor you should pay attention to when printing on your clothes is to choose techniques that offer durable printing. If you choose a quality print, durability is ensured even if you wash or wear your clothes many times. This means no fading, bleeding, distortion or ripping. If you choose the DTF transfer technique, you will design printed clothes that will last a long time.

What to do to Prevent the Print from Coming off on Printed Clothes? 

If you want to design or have designed printed clothes, you should take care that the print does not come off. If the print, which has a special meaning for you, comes off immediately, you may think that your efforts have been wasted. However, you can wear your printed clothes for a long time with quality printing technique and hand washing. You should not wash or iron your printed clothes at very high temperatures. For this reason, you should take into account the washing and ironing instructions of the printing technique you use. As DTF transfer printing specialists, we provide you with quality printing for clothes that you will wear for a long time.

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