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DTF Print Transfer

Service DTF print transfer has become a rapidly developing and important process in many countries. Direct-to-film printing technology is a process that is frequently preferred and used by customers. As a business, we work to offer you the fastest and highest quality direct textile printing process. You can expand your product offerings with the printing provided on fabrics. While doing this, we offer you the highest quality and most cost-effective process. DTF printing, which is a special printing technology that involves printing designs on special films for transfer to textiles, has a long-term use as traditional screen printing. With sublimination printing, you can print on all kinds of fabrics and colored fabrics, especially cotton, silk, rayon, polyester products, with DTF transfer, which we use when printing only on polyester white. In other words, you can apply your own printing at home to any textile you want, regardless of color. The application phase is a very simple process and does not require pre-treatment during application.

Key Components of DTF Transfer

Among our customers who want to have DTF printing transfer process done, there are those who are interested in this field. In this area there are components of the Transfer process. DTF printing process is a graphic design method that involves printing on a film or transfer material. This process is especially used in the field of textile printing and is preferred to transfer special designs to fabrics. DTF printing components can be:

Printing Machine: A printing machine is needed for DTF printing. This machine allows the design to be transferred to film or transfer material. 

Film or Transfer Material: It is the main material on which the design will be transferred to printing. This material is usually a film or transfer paper. The design is printed on this material and then transferred to the fabric. 

Printing Inks: Special inks are used for DTF printing. These inks ensure quality printing of the design onto the film or transfer material. It is also important that the inks are transferable to the fabric. 

Transfer Oven or Heat Press: Heat is needed to transfer the design from the film or transfer material to the fabric. A transfer oven or heat press is used to perform this process. These devices allow the design to be fixed to the fabric. 

Fabric: Requires textile products or materials on which the design will ultimately be transferred. These fabrics can often be T-shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hat ribbons and similar products. 

Printing Sprays or Auxiliary Materials: In some cases, printing sprays or auxiliary materials may be used to ensure better adhesion of the design to the film or transfer material. 

The DTF printing process includes the steps of printing the design on film or transfer material, placing the transfer material on the fabric, and heat setting it. These components ensure that the design is transferred to the fabric in a high quality and durable manner.

How Do I Create a Print Transfer Order

Creating a DTF printing order is a very easy process. All you have to do is send us the design, logo and photo you want via our website. You can complete the transportation process by uploading the design you want to our website. The service we provide all over America is very fast and of high quality. There is absolutely no limit to the design you can upload and it is entirely up to you. You can place an order in any color you want and in any size you want.

 Your order is processed on the same day. The print you want is printed with heat on a t-shirt-like garment. The print applied with heat is converted into a transfer paper and delivered to you. You can easily print it on any clothing or space you want at home. The applied pressure is used for long periods of time. It consists of vibrant colors and high quality inks are used. It is resistant to washing.

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