DTF Printing and Anti-Counterfeiting Measures

The increasing counterfeiting plans in the content and production of prints are a difficult situation for manufacturers. Especially the increase in the counterfeiting of designs and the inspiration from the original makes it difficult for businesses. It is necessary to take precautions against counterfeiting in printing. Reliable stages should be carried out at every step in the printing process for the reliability of the products and the manufacturer. There are certain precautions and strategies to be taken by manufacturers in order to prevent counterfeiting in printing. First of all, making original designs and creating special designs for the detection of fake products is a special situation to prevent counterfeiting. Using a graphic artist or designer while creating these designs also prevents fake designs.

Measures such as creating complex patterns and receiving professional service can be taken to prevent counterfeiting in printing. Detailed design prints prevent counterfeiting and make jobs such as copying difficult. At the same time, the reliability of the suppliers of the products used also prevents the printing of fake products. Prints containing reliable and transparent elements are supported by manufacturers and a reliable design is created. Choosing original products and materials instead of fake materials also prevents the production of prints that can be imitated.

Product and Print Originality

One of the precautions to be taken to prevent fake printing and copying is to have the prints specially produced and a symbol of their originality added by the company. By adding the originality of the product with prints, writings or various labels, a precaution is taken against fake print production. Fake products emerge due to the difference between fake prints and original prints. While different labels and prints allow for the distinction of fake products, fake print production is prevented thanks to the label originality. In this way, it becomes easier to choose quality and original products by paying attention to the originality of the products.

An original method can be developed by using a special packaging method when packaging the printed products. Thanks to the brand-specific labels of the produced prints, the possibility of producing fake prints is not allowed. The aesthetic appearance and quality prints of the prints prepared with the help of designers make it difficult to design fake prints when they are prepared in a way that will not be imitated. Since patterned and complex model prints will make copying difficult, many details are included when preparing special designs.

The Importance and Purpose of Control in Printing Stages

In dtf printing designs, special production of the prints is ensured by using custom gang shet and various materials. The best feature that distinguishes prints from each other is the print image and the materials used. Therefore, special details in the appearance of the prints reveal the quality of the print. When the prints are transferred to the surface with dtf transfer, the printer and inks used are important for every detail of the print. When the printing is progressed step by step, the prints made in the final stages are checked. Regular checks ensure that errors are avoided for mass-produced prints.

The purpose of the control provided in printing is to prepare the products correctly and reach the packaging process. In case of any error, compensations are made and the prints are prepared correctly. In the control stage, quality, printing inks and fabric surface are controlled. In the print control that progresses step by step, dtf prints are prepared and packaged in the most appropriate way. After all stages, the checked print products are delivered to the buyer correctly.

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