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DTF Printing Materials

DTF printing materials are products that must be used in the printing process. Different materials are used at each stage of this printing process. Thus, it is ensured that the print takes its final shape. The quality of DTF printing materials is important for the result of the process. We have provided detailed information about these materials below.

DTF Pigment Ink 

DTF Pigment Ink is a printing material used in the digital printing industry. The product is suitable for the head of many printing machines. This ink can be used on pure cotton, fabric, leather, cotton spinning materials. It can also be used on metal, glass, plexiglass and wood. In short, DTF pigment ink is a suitable ink for 130℃ heat resistant materials.

DTF Pigment Ink White 

It is a suitable ink for many printheads in the digital printing industry. Used on many materials, this ink is used on materials resistant to 130℃ heat. Especially on materials such as pure cotton, fabric, leather, canvas, metal and wood.

Transfer Printing Film  

Transfer printing film is in roll form. However, it is not only in roll form. It can also consist of papers of different sizes. Printing sizes can be preferred as A3 or A4. Transfer printing film is usually sold in 100 pieces.

Pet Film Drying Machine  

The wet pet film coming out of the printer must be dried during the wet printing process. This drying process takes place with a pet film dryer. This machine, which also saves time, is an advantageous material to use in DTF printing technique. In the first stage, the pet film is cured with powder. Then the dryer can be adjusted up to 150 degrees and can dry at its temperature.

Transfer Printing Powder  

Transfer printing powder is used for bonding the print. The printing powder is mixed with the film before printing on textiles with light or dark backgrounds. The adhesion ensures that shapes, patterns and writings are completely transferred to the surface of the object to be printed. Since transfer printing powder does not cause any harm, there is no harm in its use.

DTF Printing Table  

DTF printing tray is a product specially produced for certain printers. It is a product for removing the pet film flat and intact. For this tray, which is very easy to use, it will be sufficient to place the pet film in the printer output chamber. This product made of MDF materials can be in 7x26x28x34cm and 4x16.5x24.5x30cm sizes. In short, DTF transfer tray is one of the materials that provide convenience in the transfer process.

DTF White Ink Circulation Pump System 

One of the most important points in DTF printers is that the white ink does not freeze and stays fresh. This circulation system, specially developed for DTF transfer technique, makes the white ink ready with a mixer and pump. It also prevents clogging of the print head. At the same time, there are no lumps on the print and the print quality is always perfect. The DTF white ink circulation pump system, which is usually sold with the box, is available in many places.

DTF Printing Materials Prices  

Above we have presented the most basic materials for the DTF printing process. Of course, the most necessary material is the printing printer. However, since it will not work alone, components such as DTF transfer printing paper, printing film, printing powder, printing table and circulation system are also used. It would be an economical choice to buy all these in bulk. However, it may cost more when purchased individually.

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