DTF Printing on Various Fabrics

DTF printing is a printing method that can be applied to many fabrics. Normally, the fabric used in DTF printing systems is polymer or cotton. However, the general use of these fabrics does not mean that this printing system will not work on different fabrics. Printing technologies continue to change and evolve, from traditional to technological methods. Thanks to technological developments, each printing technology that emerges becomes much more useful than the previous printing system. In this way, diversity and competition in the printed clothing industry increases.

DTF transfer system is not only applied on t-shirts and cotton fabrics, but also can be applied to different fabrics. DTF prints can also be transferred to many fabrics via custom gang sheet method. Custom DTF printers are used for this. Now, thanks to the benefits of DTF technology, printing can be done not only on cotton clothes but also on many fabrics and surfaces.

Although one of the most commonly used fabrics in custom DTF printing technology is cotton, it is also possible to use this technology on fabrics such as nylon and leather. DTF printers are used not only in the custom clothing industry, but also in promotional products, uniforms and many other areas. Since it has a very wide usage area, it is an efficient technology in every way.

Development in DTF Printing Technology

With the development of custom heat transfer technologies, there are also changes in the printing system. The most prominent of these is DTF technology. People prefer to have prints not only on their clothes but also on surfaces containing other fabrics. In addition, one of the biggest contributions of DTF technology to this industry is quality printing.

Due to the methods used in traditional and old printing technologies, designs could not be made freely and were limited to certain shapes. Although different technologies were developed later, none of them were sufficient to achieve the desired result. However, thanks to the DTF printing system, any design can now be used as desired. There have been great developments in the field of printed clothing, especially with the inclusion of digital design. With digital design, high resolution designs are created and these designs are transferred to fabrics as prints.

Preferred Fabrics in DTF Printing

The most commonly used fabrics in custom DTF printing technology are cotton fabrics, warm and vibrant fabrics, polyster fabric, denim fabric and nylon fabrics. Masks applied with DTF technology show themselves in many areas.

With DTF printing, which is one of the printing methods performed by the heat press method, not only these types of fabrics, but also shoes, canvas bags, masks, hats and similar products can be printed with this printing technology.

DTF printing technology used in the custom clothing industry is not limited to this industry only, it has become indispensable for many industries. It is widely used in brand and product promotions, clothes to be used at events, masks, hats, product promotion and advertising. DTF technologies are not limited to these fabrics and items. Nowadays, as technology begins to develop more rapidly, these developments affect all industries.

DTF technology is being used in more and more different areas day by day. Printing technologies are also frequently used in the decoration industry. There are now many developments in the decoration industry with DTF technology (direct to film). DTF printing technology is used in many areas, from leather fabrics to cotton fabrics, from hats to shoes and even simple decoration products. It is a fact that the future of this oppression system is very bright. For this reason, it has become indispensable in many industries.

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