DTF Printing Technique

DTF printing technique is an abbreviation of Direct Transfer Film. This printing technique is one of the techniques that have emerged recently and shaped the printing industry. This technique allows printing on all conceivable textile products. It can be applied on many materials from clothing to textile materials used at home. It also covers different color scales. Therefore, there are no restrictions on textile fabrics and colors. In this article, we will cover many aspects of the DTF printing technique.

What is DTF Printing Technique and What Does It Do?

It is possible to briefly answer the question of what is DTF printing. DTF printing, which is a product of a new and effective technology, is a special printing method. Special inks and special films are used in this printing technique. The printing process takes place when the PET film taken from the inkjet printer is transferred onto the textile fabric. The general area of use is textile. However, it does not only have this usage area. It is also printed on hard objects.  DTF printing requires different inks and films depending on the area of use. Therefore, you can safely choose this printing technique for textile products or hard objects.

DTF Printing on Textile

We have already mentioned that one of the most common uses of DTF printing is textiles. The application of DTF printing in textiles is slightly different.  For this, textile-specific pigmented ink is used. In other words, inkjet DTF printers called inkjet should be preferred. DTF film, which is a special coating, and DTF transfer powder are among the equipment required in this field of use.  The transfer powder is melted by adhering it on the print made on the DTF film. Then it is transferred onto the fabric with a transfer press and the printing process is completed.

DTF Printing on Rigid Objects 

One of the other uses of the DTF printing technique is on hard objects. UV DTF printing is used for hard objects. So UV printers come into play. The printing is done on a special UV DTF film. It is then covered with the paper of the UV DTF film with a hot lamination device. The prepared print is transferred to the hard object and the printing process is completed.

What Can Be Done with DTF Printing Machine? Where Is It Used?

DTF printing is a printing method made with a special machine. However, only the machine is not enough. DTF printing film, special inks and DTF transfer powder are also required. If all the equipment is ready, a special program is installed on the printer. It is also necessary to learn how to use this machine. Because it is not a simple machine, it requires professionalism.

As DTF transfer professionals, we are ready to offer you the best printing results. Let's talk about what can be done with the DTF printing machine. This machine offers comprehensive solutions from low-volume jobs to large-volume jobs. This machine, which meets the needs of many businesses, also meets individual print design requirements. The following products can be printed with the DTF printing machine: 

  • Workwear
  • Clothing products such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts
  • Mask
  • Fabric printing
  • Raw cloth bag
  • Hat
  • Forma
  • Pen Holder
  • Authentic personalized gift products

Is DTF Printing Good Quality?

DTF printing systems have a flexible usage area. The fact that this printing technique can be applied to every fabric is preferred by many people. At the same time, DTF transfer printing is known to be of good quality. The reason is that special printing equipment is used. In particular, the special ink used in DTF transfer offers permanent and high quality results.


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