DTF Transfer

DTF Transfer

DTF transfer is a printing technique with many features. Although it is a very new technique, its effects are effective. This special technology is applied with ink and special films. The PET film removed from the inkjet printer is transferred onto the area to be applied. Although the main area of use is textiles, it can also be applied on different prints. On the other hand, this printing technique, which can also be applied on hard objects, offers customizable products. In short, we can apply DTF transfers on many objects we use in our daily lives.

Most Used Equipment in DTF Printing 

DTF printing does not use just one piece of equipment. The most important equipment in this printing technique includes transfer films, special inks and DTF printer. There is no color restriction in the DTF printing machine developed for printing all kinds of textile products. Therefore, it is possible to print in any color and pattern you wish.

DTF inks specially produced for textile printing dry in the shortest time. Thanks to this drying feature, it stands out with its high color density. At the same time, since it has a wide color gamut, designs can be made in specific colors. It does not require special materials as it is compatible with materials such as leather, fabric, wood and cotton. Inks, which are indispensable for DTF printing, can be used with black or white powder.

Direct-to-Film Print Application Strategies

In DTF transfer, also called direct to film transfer, decoration printing strategies are very important. This printing method, which is useful for businesses regardless of small or large orders, is very efficient. At the same time, it is seen as advantageous in terms of cost as it produces many products in a short time. It is useful to know some strategies of DTF printing that can be applied on a wide variety of fabrics.

When to Use DTF Printing Technology?

DTF printing technology is a specialized and innovative approach. This technology covers a wide range of applications. DTF transfer, which started to be discovered in 2021, has managed to make a name for itself today. It enables the production of authentic and promotional accessory products, especially customized clothing. Prints specially designed for individuals or businesses always remain in fashion. In fact, these special prints always attract people's attention and lead the trend.

One wonders in which application areas DTF printing is used. However, the answer to this question is open-ended. Because these versatile and advantageous transfers have a wide range of uses. It is especially suitable for businesses as it has the capacity to offer clear logos and high-resolution images. Businesses that want to be recognized and grow need effective advertising. Clear and high-resolution logo designs are made by DTF printing.

Since these special prints are produced in large numbers, they offer new products to be communicated to potential customers. Promotional printed t-shirts, tote bags and key chains are some of them. Not only advantageous for businesses, this printing technique is also used in personalized bag, sweatshirt, t-shirt and hat designs.

DTF Printing Cost

DTF transfer is a highly preferred product in terms of cost. Being economical with the features it offers is attractive to many businesses. At the same time, it does not require a large budget for people who want to do it at home. One of the best advantages of DTF printing, which has long-lasting and clear designs, is that it is economical. You can make a decision by considering all these features of DTF transfers. However, most people prefer this printing method because of these advantages.

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