DTF Transfer Meaning

DTF Transfer Meaning

Special printing methods are needed for personalized and special clothing. Special prints are also preferred to create authentic objects and to meet some printing requirements of companies. DTF transfer is the most preferred and satisfied of these prints.

DTF transfers are known as direct-to-film transfers and are applied practically in a short time without pre-treatment. Although it is popular for its advantages and usage, it is not known exactly what this printing technique is. In this content, we will discuss the definition of DTF transfers and what they do.

Definition of DTF Transfer 

DTF transfer is a printing method achieved by fine transfer on various materials. Since it is one of the special printing methods, it offers use in almost every field. Especially since it directs the textile industry, it can be applied on many materials such as personalized clothes, pillowcases and sheets.

You should choose DTF transfers to create precise and vibrant designs. This printing, which adheres well to materials, brings durable and long-lasting solutions. It also offers solutions that are useful for many businesses. It offers many prints from small written logos to complex patterns in the clearest view. You can use DTF printing to reflect your brand's identity and have personalized printed items.

Are DTF Transfers Flexible?

Since DTF transfers are a printing technique that uses special materials, prints with excellent texture are produced. Since the prints produced are flexible and soft, they do not weigh down the printed surface. It integrates especially with cotton, polyester, denim and canvas surfaces. You can choose DTF transfer for flexible and soft textured printing solutions in different applications.

Things to Know About DTF Printing

Just because you know the definition of DTF printing doesn't mean you have a complete understanding of it. Because talking about the many aspects of this printing method will be effective for you to make a decision. Other elements you should know about DTF printing are as follows:

  • It has no restrictions when producing prints because it prints multi-colored and detailed designs.
  • Since it can be applied on many textile materials, it is suitable for pieces such as tracksuits, t-shirts, underwear and jackets.
  • Since it produces high resolution prints, it processes even the smallest details in a subtle way.
  • Since it has a fast printing process, it helps to complete the prints in a short time.
  • It offers economical solutions for large-scale orders.

What is needed to implement DTF transfers?

To apply DTF transfers, you need to obtain some necessary materials in advance. However, these materials are necessary for printing businesses as they are addressed to professionals. Small or large-scale printing businesses should buy the following materials to produce DTF transfers:

  • DTF printer,
  • DTF transfer paper,
  • DTF movies,
  • DTF inks
  • DTF powder
  • Heat press.

If you are wondering what materials you will need to make it at home, the answer is simple! Using only an iron, you can apply the ready-made transfer paper as a print on the surface you want. If you want to print on your own at home, you should create a special order. When creating your order, you must first upload the file of your design and indicate your special requests as a note.

DTF Transfer Cost

We have already talked about the definition of DTF transfer, what it does and what materials it uses, so it is useful to give some information about the cost of this special printing method. However, it is not possible to give exact information about the cost, because every design project and its requirements are different. You can send us your design to get clear information about the cost.

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