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DTF Transfer T-shirt Prints

DTF transfer t-shirt prints have been attracting popular attention recently. With the digitalized elements of our age, printing has also become easier. Now, thanks to DTF printing, it is enough to send your design digitally. The fact that it is a print that can be done at home increases the preferability of this method even more. These prints, especially on t-shirts, can be used as personal, corporate or souvenir products.

What are the Materials Required for DTF T-Shirt Printing at Home?

Printing t-shirts with DTF at home is a very easy process. However, you need special equipment such as DTF film, heat press machine, DTF ink and DTF powder. Also, this equipment should be compatible with the fabric you want to print on. You also need a compatible computer to create and edit the print designs.

Things to Consider When Printing T-Shirts at Home 

Before printing t-shirts at home, it should be checked that the necessary equipment is complete. Then all the arrangements of the design on the computer must be finished. In this process, it is important that the t-shirt fabric to be printed is suitable for the printing method. In general, printing films are separate for white t-shirts and separate for other t-shirt colors. During printing, care is taken to ensure that the t-shirt is not kept flat and wrinkled. Of course, it is most important to use quality and appropriate equipment and to have knowledge about its use in the entire printing process.

Why is DTF Transfer More Preferred for T-Shirt Printing?

We see that DTF transfer is more preferred in t-shirt printing. There is of course a reason for this preference. First of all, this type of printing offers printing solutions with high resolution and rich color tones. On the other hand, it offers flexibility as it can be applied on different fabric types and colors. Therefore, it can be applied on polyester, cotton and many more different fabrics.

DTF printing offers a durable use in t-shirt printing. Because this type of printing is applied with materials that are resistant to fading and wear. Since it is faster than other printing methods, it offers effective solutions for ordering multiple printed t-shirts. Accordingly, it ensures that orders that require fast delivery are delivered without delay. One of the reasons why DTF printing is used in t-shirt printing is that it offers advantageous solutions. Because this type of printing requires low cost for printing multiple or few t-shirts.

How Long Does DTF Printing Last on a T-Shirt?

The durability of DTF printing on a T-shirt can vary depending on the material used and the professionalism. For example, it is important to test before printing to see the success of the application. It is also important to follow the washing and care instructions for the t-shirt after printing. If washed at high temperatures for a long time, the print will deteriorate prematurely. However, it can be used 50-100 times if the manufacturer's washing, drying and ironing instructions are followed. Therefore, DTF printing applied with quality materials offers durable and useful printed t-shirts.

DTF Transfer T-Shirt Printing Cost 

The cost of DTF transfer t-shirt printing is an issue that is wondered by people who want to have this printing done. First of all, there are many professional companies doing this job in the market. Since similar equipment is generally used, the prices are almost the same. On the other hand, the details of the user's design project are important in pricing. If a multi-color and large surface is to be printed, the project is comprehensive and the cost is high. After all these are determined, a special price offer is offered for the project.



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