DTF Transfers vs Sublimation

DTF Transfers vs Sublimation

DTF printing and sublimation printing are important printing techniques that stand out in heat transfer. These printing techniques, which can transfer designed patterns to fabric, are very popular. Although both are high quality and popular, some questions are wondered by people. Among these questions are the differences between DTF printing and sublimation. Which one should be preferred is also one of the confusing issues. In this article, we will provide information with important comparisons between DTF transfers and sublimation printing.

What are the Differences Between DTF Transfers and Sublimation Printing?

There are significant differences between DTF transfers and sublimation printing. In particular, the application material, print quality, tactile sensation and printing process are among these differences. If you don't know which printing technique you prefer, you can consider these differences. Below is information about the differences between DTF transfers and sublimation printing:

  • DTF printing is applied on dark and light colored fabrics, while sublimation printing is only applied on light colored fabrics.
  • DTF transfers are applied on all fabric types. The other is applied only on polyester fabrics.
  • The process of the first printing method consists of 5 steps, while the other consists of 3 basic steps.
  • DTF transfers are usually used for designs with fine detail and vibrant colors. However, sublimation is not a suitable technique for very vivid and detailed prints.
  • The texture of DTF transfer is known to be soft and cottony. Sublimation, however, is not tactile.
  • The former has wide market options as it can be applied on all kinds of clothing and heat resistant materials. But the other is suitable for fantastic designs in light and white colors.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is a printing technique that transfers patterns to fabric under certain heat and pressure using a sublimation printer and paper. Since certain colors and fabrics are used in this printing technique, it is not as flexible as DTF transfer. It is known as a digital printing technology applied on polyester and polymer fabric.

Sublimation printing is generally used by businesses. Because it is a printing method that offers logo and banner prints. It can also be applied on easy-to-sublimate items such as plaques, cups, decorative clothing.

What is DTF Printing Method?

DTF printing is achieved by applying shake powder machine and heat press machine on transfer films. Since it is an easy and new printing technique, it is more preferred than sublimation. In this printing method, the printer first prints the pattern on the DTF film and then it is transferred to the fabric with a heat press. This printing method, which is transferred to various fabrics, offers more flexible options than sublimation.

Is DTF Better Than Sublimation?

You may be torn between DTF printing and sublimation. This can be a very good choice if you're looking for a DTF printer. For example, if you have a design with complex and vibrant colors, you should definitely choose DTF transfer. However, if you want to print a design with simple colors and patterns, you can choose sublimation. Relatively speaking, DTF transfers are considered better and more functional. This is because they offer flexible solutions and can be applied in a practical way. You can read about the other advantages of this printing technique on our website.

What is the Permanence of DTF and Sublimation?

The permanence of DTF transfer and sublimation varies according to many factors. The quality of the printing equipment used in both printing techniques is important. Prints applied with the right ink and transfer paper last a long time. Likewise, the permanence of prints made using the appropriate printer and sublimation paper is also high.

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