DTF Transfers Vs Sublimation

DTF Transfers Vs Sublimation

It is important to distinguish the differences between DTF and sublimation printing. DTF printing, which is opened as Direct Transfer Film, can print on all textile products. One of its most distinctive features is that it allows printing in all colors and patterns, regardless of color or white. It is sufficient to use a heat press or iron in this printing method that offers high quality prints. Sublimation printing is applied in a slightly different way than DTF printing.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is a printing technique using sublimation printers and inks. Inks that change from solid to gaseous state are different from DTF printing. Sublimation printing applied at 185-220 C allows many colors to be applied on the fabric. However, this printing method is more suitable for polyester fabrics. Therefore, it may not be applied to different fabrics as in the DTF transfer method. Even if it is applied, it may not give heartwarming results.

What Can I Apply Sublimation Printing on?

If you prefer sublimation printing, you should know what it is applied on. This versatile printing method is still applied on limited materials. Therefore, it does not offer as unlimited options as DTF transfer. However, sublimation printing can be applied on all polyester and poly-coated products. The elements where sublimation printing is most commonly used are given below:

  • Signs,
  • Poly coated bags,
  • Light colored polyester fabrics,
  • Ceramic mugs
  • Pens
  • Mouse pad
  • Keychain

What Can I Apply DTF Printing on?

After the elements to be applied on sublimation printing, it will be useful to talk about the prints to be applied on DTF printing. DTF printing is a printing technique that can be applied on literally everything.

This printing technique, which can be applied on all kinds of fabrics and materials, offers unlimited options. Since it is also suitable for promotional products, it offers businesses a flexible and easy method. Since there is no limitation on the color and fabric type you will print, you can print as you wish.

Which Method Is Right For You?

You may be undecided whether to choose sublimation printing or DTF transfer. Your requirements and time are important factors. Sublimation is a printing method applied with special inks on fabric and has a softer quality. However, you have more limited options in terms of color and material.

DTF transfer can be better as it can be applied using any material and color. Sublimation printing can also be ideal for multiple orders. Because it can produce many prints in a short time. DTF printing is also preferred for small-scale orders. However, this printing method offers more economical and quality solutions than sublimation. When choosing between the two, you should not neglect pricing.

DTF Transfer Vs Sublimation Cost

If you are torn between DTF printing and sublimation, you should know the cost difference. Sublimation printing can be more costly than the other printing method. However, DTF transfers are more economical, even though they offer very high quality and unlimited options. Therefore, choosing DTF printing can be an ideal decision.

What are the Differences Between DTF Transfer and Sublimation Printing?

There are some distinct differences between DTF transfer and sublimation. These differences are also determining factors in terms of preference. It is different in terms of the way it is applied, its cost, the options it offers and the places where it is used. Considering all these, you can decide which one you prefer. If you still can't decide which one to choose, you can contact us. We can help you make the right decision with our free consultancy service.

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