Equipment Required for DTF Transfer

DTF transfer, which we have recently heard a lot about in the printing industry, requires specific printing equipment. As DTF printing equipment is special, the equipment in any printing method is not used. It is important to know what the special equipment is for DTF printing, also called Direct to Film Printing. In this article, we will talk about what the equipment used in DTF printing is and what it does.

DTF Printer

DTF printers are specialized printing machines that perform the printing process directly onto film. This machine can print patterns, images and designs directly onto the film material. It then provides the possibility to transfer these prints to various fabrics such as t-shirts.

DTF printers are quite different from other printing machines such as DTG printers or sublimation printers. One of the most obvious differences is that DTF printing can be applied seamlessly to a variety of fabrics. For example, it can be used without limitations on materials such as cotton, denim, polyester, etc. Beyond that, DTF printers are not subject to any color limitations.

DTF Film

DTF film, also known as DTF transfer film, is specially developed for DTF printing. DTF film, which is known for its features that differ from standard PET films, has a thickness of 90 microns.

DTF film is different from common PET films. This difference can be explained by its high ink absorption capacity, anti-static properties and easy tearing. These properties are designed to achieve excellent results in the printing process.

There are different types of films on the market to meet various needs. In particular, the following DTF film options are more preferred:

  • Hot peel film,
  • Cold peel film,
  • Temperature change film,
  • Golden movie
  • Illuminated movie.
  • DTF Ink

DTF ink is specially designed for DTF printing and is available in cyan, yellow, magenta, white and black. White ink is used as the base color of the printing film, creating a white background. The other colored inks are used to create a vibrant and desired tonal pattern on the film.

The quality of the ink is important for the printing effect. It is therefore important to find good quality and special DTF transfer inks. Good stability, vibrant colors, excellent fluidity and impressive wash fastness are the key characteristics that determine the ink's printing performance.

DTF Hot Melt Powder

DTF hot melt powder is one of the equipment used to capture a good bond between ink and fabrics. This special type of powder is classified into normal hot melt powder, TPU hot melt powder and anti-sublimation hot melt powder. Each of these powders has its own characteristics.

Regular hot melt powder resists standard washing and dry cleaning processes. TPU hot melt powder can withstand high temperatures and is used for high quality printing, especially in black and white colors. This type of powder also has excellent washing performance.

Heat Press Machine

Heat press machine is used to transfer patterns onto fabric. These machines are named differently because they have different features. Rotary heat press, flat bed heat press machine, 360 ° rotary heat press machine are available in different features. All of them have different purposes of use in the printing process. For example, flat bed heat press machine is used in sports and team wear while rotary heat press machine is used in umbrellas, fabric tape and rolling cloth.

On the other hand, the 360° rotary heat press machine is capable of 360° continuous heat transfer. Since the transfer time is unlimited, it provides pattern printing for a long time. All these hot heat press machines are among the most preferred in the DTF transfer process.

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