Fashion Trends of Printed Clothing

Fashion trends of printed clothes continue to take the fashion world by storm every year. Printed clothes have been shaping the fashion industry for a long time. They have played a major role in the evolution of fashion into an evolving art. This season, the trends related to printed clothes reveal themselves in a dazzling way. Colorful designs that transform the streets into catwalks bring a breath of fresh air to fashion. It is possible to make all these prints with DTF transfer.

Step into the Most Original Fashion of Winter with Attractive Printed Sweatshirts with Ethnic Designs

Printed clothes give an interesting direction to the fashion industry as they consist of special designs. One of the trends of this season is printed sweatshirts designed with ethnic patterns. You can apply your print designed with geometric shapes to your sweatshirt. Thus, you can attract attention at every step. These prints designed with traditional and modern motifs are especially suitable for street fashion. 

Feel the Fresh Breeze of Spring with Floral Printed Dresses 

Floral prints are one of the most used and timeless prints. Leading unisex designs, floral prints can be applied to both men's and women's clothes. You can design floral shirts, dresses, blouses or skirts. You can colorfully design the floral pattern you want. You can make designs that appeal to you to carry the fresh breeze of spring on you.

Take Your Style to the Streets with Graffiti Printed T-Shirts 

Graffiti style prints are now highly preferred in the fashion world. Unusual patterns inspired by the walls appeal to those who want to wear bold and free clothes. You can make these prints on your sewatshirt or t-shirt with extraordinary designs. Reflect your style on the street with graffiti printed t-shirts that will take you away from the ordinary.

Make Your Simplicity and Elegance Speak Your Elegance with Monochrome Prints 

Printed clothes also consist of simple and minimalist designs. If you do not want to wear clothes in a complex and very striking design, you can choose minimalist designs. You can design a quote you love or a minimalist character on a single color. The choice here is completely up to you. Elegant details and simple patterns always prioritize elegance. In short, you can achieve simplicity and elegance with monochrome prints. You can also wear these prints in your daily life.

Nostalgic Fashion Journey with Retro Prints 

Retro and vintage prints take you on a nostalgic fashion journey. These prints never go out of fashion. You can make vintage designs on any outfit you want, whether it's the dresses of the 60s that sparkle with a riot of colors or the flower-patterned blouses of the 80s. This fashion trend does not only reflect the style of your clothes. It also speaks your style and shows how unique you are. You can wear vintage designed clothes on the street, at a party, at school or shopping.

Reinvent Your Own Fashion with Special Prints  

Fashion is not just about clothes and sewing. It is the striking and original prints that really shape fashion. The harmony of prints with colors and clothes is very important. However, the most important thing is to apply the prints that reflect your style to your clothes. Make special print designs and create your own style from scratch.

You can make the design you want with the DTF transfer method and send us your design. We will prepare the transfer paper according to the size of your garment and send it to you. You can apply this printing paper on your garment with an iron. Finally, you will see your design printed on your garment. Make the designs that shape your style and fashion perception, send them to us and apply them to your clothes immediately. You can ask us all your questions about the DTF transfer process.

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