Getting Started With Heat Press Printing

Getting Started With Heat Press Printing

To get started in the printing industry, it might be a good idea to choose heat press printing. A heat press is one of the equipment used in special DTF printing. This equipment, which works on the principle of heat transfer, allows the print to be transferred to fabric and other surfaces. It offers unlimited solutions as it can turn all your imagined designs into prints. However, as in every business, there are some things to know when starting hot heat press printing.

What is Heat Printing?

If you are going to start the printing industry with heat printing, you should first know what this concept is. Heat printing is also known as heat transfer printing. This term is a process that allows the design to be transferred to the substrates of various materials using a heat press. The materials used in this process have a heat-resistant adhesive on one side. This adhesive adheres well to the substrate when the print is applied to the material with a heat press. Therefore, non-detachable and long-lasting prints are obtained.

How to Use a Heat Press?

If you want to do heat press printing and you are a professional, you should closely examine the equipment used in this printing. It is very important to know what the screen on this equipment, also called a heat press, means. To use the heat press, you must first turn on the button. It is brought to the target temperature according to the instructions and some information appears on the screen. The information on the screen of the heat press is as follows: 

  • General counter showing how many times the heat press has been used,
  • Print time countdown showing the time it will take to print,
  • Target print time adjusted according to materials,
  • Set target temperature, which depends on the fabric and heat transfer vinyl,
  • Temperature scale showing Farenheit and Celsius

How to Choose the Right Heat Press?

Choosing the right heat press is very important if you are a professional printer. But we can give you a few tips to know that this equipment is the right one. When choosing the right heat press, you should consider your space. You should know how much space you have in your workspace and consider the production capacity. If you receive many orders, you can choose high capacity equipment, if you receive few orders, you can choose medium capacity equipment.

Perhaps the most important factor when choosing the right heat press is experience. You can choose a piece of equipment based on your experience and professionalism in this printing technique. Cost is also a consideration at this point, so you might ask yourself, 'How much budget do I have for a heat press? You should also consider the brand and manufacturer of your heat press. Good brands usually work with reliable manufacturers. At the same time, you should have easy contact with customer service in case the equipment you receive under warranty and invoice breaks down. You should get support from a manufacturer with whom you can easily communicate and get help.

Factors Affecting Heat Press Quality

There are generally three main factors that qualify heat printing. These are time, temperature and pressure. It is important to remember that each heat transfer has different printing instructions. There is a certain amount of time that must be applied to the design. Temperature is also a criterion that ensures the best adhesion of the design to the garment.

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