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Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a printing technique applied with the help of a plate. Despite being one of the oldest known methods, it is still in vogue. It can be realized colorless or by using gold or silver gilding according to special request. This method is often used on surfaces such as notebooks and organizers. It can also be applied on clothes and different materials.

Hot stamping allows text or patterns to be permanently and elegantly engraved on surfaces. This technique gives products a unique and stylish look and offers the possibility of personalization. It is an ideal option for adding an aesthetic touch to products specially designed for business or personal use. Let's discover what this printing technique does, its advantages and where it is used!

What are the Advantages of Hot Stamping Technique? 

Hot stamping is a technique that has been used for a long time and is well received. First of all, this printing technique can be applied on many materials. Therefore, it does not have a limited area of use and offers effective results on the materials used. It is of high quality as it is one of the bright, vivid and durable printing methods.

During the hot stamping process, the ink and colors penetrate the printing material very well. Therefore, the print does not encounter problems such as abrasion, fading and bleeding. This technique, which can be applied quickly, is also suitable for those who want to do it for the first time. It meets your expectations as it shows even fine details and elegant patterns in the best way.  

With all these advantages, hot stamping technique is preferred in many places today, from packaging design to clothing design. In addition to being used in industries, it is also suitable for individual design processes. DTF transfer offers the same advantages as it is a hot stamping technique. For more information about this printing technique, you can contact us and submit your design project. We can then prepare and send you a print with the pattern, text or photo you want.

Where is Hot Stamping Used?  

As we have just mentioned, the usage area of hot stamping is quite wide. At the same time, you can design with this printing technique in the quantities you want.  For this reason, it is more suitable in mass production technique and meets the needs of many sectors. In general, the areas where hot stamping is used are as follows:

  • T-shirt printing 
  • Hat printing  
  • Raw cloth bag 
  • Workwear  
  • Promotional gift products (t-shirts, tote bags, etc.) 
  • Fabric printing 
  • Uniform

This printing technique, which directs the textile and printing industry, is used for decorative purposes. It is also a tool for creating brand awareness and social responsibility.

Is Transfer Printing Hot Stamping? 

Yes, transfer printing is also called hot stamping. It is a method used by applying heat to the surface of the pattern or text. Today, it is used on materials such as textiles, ceramics and plastics. You can choose transfer printing, which gives durable and aesthetic design results, for your personal projects.

DTF transfer, also known as hot stamping, makes your design projects easier and more fun. Because the preparation phase of this method is quite simple. First of all, a transfer paper or film is needed. The desired pattern, text, logo or photo is printed on this transfer paper. Then this patterned transfer paper is placed on the surface and the hot press machine is applied. In this way, the pattern is transferred from the transfer paper to the garment. In the DTF transfer printing process, inks and dyes evaporate and penetrate at high temperatures. Durable and vibrant colors remain on the garment for a long time.

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