How Long Does a Direct Transfer Take?

How Long Does a Direct Transfer Take?

DTF transfer is different from other printing methods in terms of application time and shape. The duration of this printing method is generally known as very short. However, the exact duration is wondered by people who want to do this printing. Since it uses a heat press mechanism, it is shorter than traditional printing. If you are wondering how long it takes to apply DTF transfers, you can continue reading this content.

How Many Minutes Can DTF Transfers Be Applied?

When applying DTF transfers, it is necessary to ensure that the heat press is at medium to hard pressure. It should be applied to the fabric from the front for 2-3 seconds. It is then applied by heating the fabric for another 10-15 seconds. Considering this time, the fabric can be printed within 12-18 seconds.

Since this period is quite short, DTF does not take the time of those who want to print. Especially if you have DTF transfer paper ready! You can print in seconds by applying the ready-made transfer paper with your design to the fabric. This printing method is preferred by many people because it is very advantageous in terms of time. Because with the traditional printing method, this time can take minutes or even hours.

Factors Affecting the Duration of DTF Printing

Although DTF printing is a method that can be applied in a short time, this time can vary. At this point, it is useful to know the factors and conditions that affect the printing time. The first one that comes to mind among these factors is the printing material. Because it is applied to material surfaces such as paper, cardboard and wood in different times on fabric. 

Printing details are also one of the most important factors affecting the duration of the print. Complex and detailed prints may not be applied in seconds as they will require a long time. Print size is another important condition. Because the printing time for small surface area and large surface area cannot be the same. It is also important to pay attention to the performance of the printer. Because if printing is required in emergencies, low-performance machines should not be preferred. For this reason, it is especially important for professional businesses to prefer fast and high-performance printers.

Is There a Faster Printing Method than DTF Transfer?

DTF transfer is a digital printing method that stands out with its fast application process. There is nothing faster than this printing method yet. However, there are several alternatives for those who cannot do this printing method. These alternatives include sublimation printing and vinyl printing. Since these are also transfer methods, they are faster than traditional printing. However, DTF transfers produce the fastest prints among them.

How Long Are DTF Transfers Durable?

The durability of DTF transfers may vary depending on the use of the products. However, the most fundamental factor is DTF materials. In other words, the quality of the printer, ink or transfer paper is very important. If these materials are of high quality, the prints will also be of high quality. Accordingly, the duration of use will be longer.

Prints produced from DTF transfers usually have a lifespan of 50-100 washes. This indicates a very durable period for a garment. If you wash your printed clothes in cold water, this will also prolong their life. Washing instructions are therefore also an important factor affecting the life of the print.You can choose us for DTF transfers, which are quality and practical printing. To save time, this technique can guide your printing projects.

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