How to Care for Printed Clothes?

Caring for printed clothes is one of the most important things to know for long-lasting use. Printed clothes are special because they carry your favorite saying, movie or your company's logo. Special care is required to prevent these prints from fading and fading. It is especially important not to damage the print during the washing process. Regardless of whether it is a t-shirt, shirt or pants, you should check the washing instructions. If your printed garment does not have a label with care and washing instructions, you can be careful to read this content. We recommend you to read the following content, especially for your garment prints produced with DTF transfer.

How to Wash Printed Clothing?

The most sensitive point to be considered in the care of printed clothing is the washing process. Washing of printed clothing varies according to the print quality and fabric structure. However, it is possible to mention some general rules. The things to be considered when washing printed clothes are as follows:

  • You should not wash it frequently so that the print does not come off and the garment does not wear out.
  • If your printed garment is white, you should wash it with white clothes. If it is a different color, you can wash it with similar colored clothes.
  • You should choose a washing program in cold or warm water. Because hot water can cause the color to fade.
  • During the washing process, you should look at the label of the t-shirt with the washing instructions. If there is no such instruction on the label, you can choose a 30-degree washing program.
  • You should make sure that the detergent product you use while washing your garment is compatible.
  • If you are going to wash your garment by hand or in the machine, you should turn the printed side inside out.
  • After washing, you can dry it in the dryer or hang it as a natural method.

How to Iron Printed Clothes? 

After washing and drying the printed clothes, you can iron them if you wish. Ironed clothes will have a more elegant and presentable appearance. However, you should pay attention to some points when ironing printed clothes. The things to be considered when ironing these clothes are as follows:

  • The iron soleplate should be clean and lime-free.
  • Printed clothes should be ironed with a clean and sturdy iron to prevent damage.
  • If your garment is cotton, you can iron it slightly damp.
  • When ironing printed clothes, you should remember to turn the printed side upside down.
  • You should not set a high temperature when ironing. Otherwise, your garment may burn or its lifespan may be reduced.

What Should be Done to Prevent the Print of Printed Clothing From Coming Off?

You should pay attention to many factors when using printed clothing. Clothes whose prints come off in a short time can also disturb you in terms of appearance. First of all, you should wash these clothes in the delicate wash program. This program will wash your clothes gently and without damaging them. 

If you care about hygiene and use bleach such as bleach on your other clothes, you should not use it on printed clothes. We do not recommend using bleach when washing your printed garments produced with DTF transfer. Because such detergents will completely ruin the color and structure of the garment. If you have time, you can hand wash your printed clothes. Hand washing extends the life of the garment and does not damage the print in any way.

If you don't have time, you can wash it in a delicate 30-degree washing program. After washing your printed garment, you should not dry it in the dryer as much as possible. Because dryers can shorten the life of your garment by giving extra heat. You can use clothing prints produced with the DTF transfer according to these care and washing instructions.


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