How to Have DTF Print Transfer Process Done Privately? -

How to Have DTF Print Transfer Process Done Privately?

Although DTF Transfer seems like an easy process, it requires professionalism and quality. There are steps to be taken for the design. 

These steps: Design Preparation: The first step is the digital preparation of the design to be printed on the garment. This design can be colored or black and white. The design must be saved as a high resolution digital file and this is very important. 

Printing Machine Selection: A special DTF printing machine is required for the DTF process. The quality of the machine is very important. These are special machines that can transfer the design directly onto the film and then onto the garment. 

Film Preparation: The design must be transferred to DTF film. This step is very important and requires professionalism. Our business implements this step and all other steps in the best possible way. DTF film provides the environment in which the design is made ready for printing. The digital design is loaded onto the press to print on DTF film. 

Printing Process: The design is printed on DTF film. This process ensures that the design is transferred onto the film in high quality. DTF printing machine helps in printing color or black and white designs directly on the film.

 Transfer Preparation: Once the design is printed on the film, it is ready to be transferred to the garment. This may involve applying a heat-sensitive adhesive onto the film, depending on the press's operating instructions. It is important for heat transfer.

 Transfer to Clothing: After the transfer preparation process, the film is placed on the garment and the design is transferred to the garment using a heat press machine. Using high heat and pressure, the design is fixed to the garment.

 Removing the Film: Once the design is transferred to the garment, the DTF film is removed from the garment. The design is permanently printed on the garment. 

Final Check and Finish: Finally, the quality of the design on the garment is checked and any final touches are made (e.g. ironing the design).

Is DTF Transfer Printing Useful?

DTF Print Transfer is the most popular process of recent times. It helps you recreate your textile products the way you imagine and want. You can create your own colors and styles for your textile products through the printing process. Moreover, this process is very easy.

All you have to do is send us the design, logo and photo of your dreams. The prints we receive are transferred into prints specially for you. The highest quality machines and the highest quality inks are used. You can easily apply the prints you receive at home to the textile product you want in a short time. It is resistant to printing, washing, heat and frequent use. It continues to maintain its color and vitality for a long time.

 DTF Print Transfer Process Harmful to Health?

DTF (Direct-to-Film Transfer) print transfer process is generally not a health-damaging process. However, it is important that the materials and equipment used during the process are used correctly and that appropriate safety measures are in place. Among these measures, the use of quality materials is the most important. The highest quality material of the transfer process should be ink. If the ink is of good quality, it is enough to eliminate all health problems. Guaranteed inks are used by our company. Inks or chemicals used during the TF printing process may emit foul odors or vapors. 

Therefore, it is important that you ventilate the area where you carry out the procedure well. This part is important for you to protect your health. In other words, if small points are taken into consideration in the DTF transfer process, it definitely does not constitute a health problem. You can safely use the products to which you have made a print transfer.

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