Printing Methods for Clothing -

Printing Methods for Clothing

Special prints on clothes are very popular nowadays. You can now print a favorite photo, pattern or your company logo on your clothes. These printing methods are especially popular on t-shirts and sweatshirts. You can design printed clothes to create your own style or to offer promotional gift items. This can be described as both fun and manual labor. If you are wondering what are the printing methods for clothes, you can continue reading this content.

Practical and Effective Printing Technique: Transfer Printing  

Transfer printing is the process of printing the pre-prepared design on transfer paper and then transferring it to the t-shirt with heat. This technique is one of the modern clothing printing techniques. This technique is done in two different ways. The first is hot transfer and the second is cold transfer. In the hot transfer process, you can apply the design paper to your clothes with an iron or press. In the cold transfer process, no heat is used. DTF transfer has brought a new breath to clothing printing techniques. If you wish, you can review and order this printing method on our website.

Foil Printing for Bright and Eye-Catching Designs  

Foil printing is a printing technique using special foil papers. This method allows designs to be transferred to t-shirts or other surfaces with a hot press, resulting in a shiny, metallic look. Foil printing is especially preferred for eye-catching and eye-catching designs. Offering different color options and effects is one of the important factors that make this method popular. However, the durability of foil printing can be more limited compared to some other printing techniques.

Sublimation Printing to Push the Limits of Colors  

If you want to apply a colorful and vivid print, you can choose sublimation printing. Sublimation printing is the process of applying special inks to clothing by hot press method. This printing technique is generally preferred for sportswear. Since it is only used on 100% polyester t-shirts, its use is limited.

Traditional and Popularly Used Screen Printing 

Scrren printing is an ancient printing technique used on t-shirts. This method, which offers quality results, is used in some especially multiple orders. This printing technique, which is applied in different colors and fabrics, is generally preferred in the textile and fashion industry.

Direct-to-Garment for Modern Design - DTG 

DTG printing is an innovative printing technique applied on t-shirts through digital printers. It is one of the preferred printing techniques because it takes less time than screen printing. Compared to DTF Transfer, it involves more steps. We can even say that DTG is more costly than DTF. What they have in common is that they are digital printing types. Therefore, you can choose whichever is easier for you in terms of application and design project.

Embroidered Print for Lasting and Stylish Design 

Embroidered printing is one of the stitched printing techniques mostly used on t-shirts. It is applied on the t-shirt using an embroidery machine. This printing is an older technique, but it is still used today. With this printing technique, logos, text and various patterns can be embroidered on the t-shirt. You can design stylish and different clothes with this printing technique applied by hand labor.

If you want to add a new touch to your style, you can choose one of the printing techniques that suits you. DTF transfer allows you to transfer patterns, images or text that you have designed onto your clothing. This printing technique, which has many advantages, is most preferred because it can be applied for every fabric. At the same time, since the application process is easy, anyone can do it. If you want to try this printing technique, you can upload your design to our site. After the order is completed, the created transfer paper will be sent to you.

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