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Things to Consider About Printed Clothing

Printed clothes are designs that have been preferred in the clothing industry for years. There are some elements to be considered about these clothes that shape the fashion and textile industry. The quality of the print, whether it is easy to apply and the pattern are among the most important factors. However, it would be useful to explain these elements in detail. You can continue reading this content to learn the elements you should pay attention to when choosing printed clothes.

Harmony of Patterns and Colors  

If you want to wear or design printed clothes, you should pay attention to the harmony of patterns and colors. Exaggerated and mixed patterns may not appeal to the eye. You can design more appealing clothes by designing simple and elegant patterns. When you design in this way, you can also create clothes that are easy to combine. Therefore, you should pay attention to the harmony of patterns and colors in your printed clothes for both daily use and stylish design.

Choosing the Right Printing Technique  

One of the most important points to be considered in printed clothing design is the printing technique. For this reason, you should choose the right printing technique for your design project. Today, the most preferred printing types include screen printing, digital printing and transfer printing. You can choose the appropriate one according to your design. If you want to make your own design at home, DTF transfer may be the best choice. Because in this printing technique, your design is transferred to a special paper by professional printers. You can easily apply this print on your clothes with an iron. Moreover, you can apply it in minutes.

Easy and Fast Implementation  

One of the things to consider in printed clothing design is that it can be applied easily and quickly. If you use a difficult print, there is a risk that your garment will be wasted. In other words, you may never be able to use the outfit you designed for a special use. But if you choose a printing technique that is easy and quick to apply, your job will be even easier. The DTF transfer technique allows you to print your design on your garment in the fastest way possible. Therefore, it is easier to use than most printing techniques.

Paying Attention to Print Quality  

The printing technique you use also affects the quality of the print. It is important that the print does not fade and deteriorate. Because if you choose a cheap and poor quality printing technique, the life of your printed garment will be short. So if you print poor quality on your clothes, you can only wear it a few times. Especially if this outfit will be a gift, you should pay attention to the print quality. Otherwise, you may feel embarrassed to the person you give as a gift.

Maintenance and Cleaning as instructed  

Every garment has appropriate care and cleaning instructions. These instructions are even more important for printed garments. You should pay attention to the instructions of the printing technique you choose. These instructions may include instructions on how to wash the clothes. When you pay attention to these instructions, you can use your printed garment for a long time.

Making Choices for Personal Style  

You should make prints suitable for personal style in printed clothing design. If you are designing for yourself, you should reflect your personal style in the print. If you are designing it as a gift for someone else, you should make designs that will appeal to their style. When you pay attention to this element, the printed clothing appeals to your eyes and attracts attention. You can express your personal style using special printing techniques. DTF transfer is one of these special prints and is our specialty. You can ask us any questions you may have about the ordering process or printing.

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