Tips for Personalized Printing on Clothes -

Tips for Personalized Printing on Clothes

Clothes are basic pieces that fulfill the need for everyday wear. Now it is spreading to an even richer area with the clothing printing trend. In other words, it not only fulfills our clothing needs but also allows us to reflect our style in a unique way. Many people now print to personalize clothes that can be easily combined. Printed clothing designs are also made to make it a special gift. Personalized clothing printing allows everyone to wear special clothes as they wish. So how to design special clothes? In this content, we will talk about tips for personalized printing on clothes.

Things to Know When Printing on Clothes

Custom prints offer personalized clothing. However, there are some things to know when making these clothing designs. First of all, you should choose the type of print suitable for the fabric of your garment. For example, you can apply digital printing on cotton fabrics and sublimation printing on polyester fabrics.

It is important that your design is in high resolution before you make the print. If you do not make a clear and high-resolution design, it will not look good on the outfit. You should apply your custom print to a suitable area on your outfit. Generally, prints are applied in the center of the outfit. However, if you want to make an unusual and unique print, you can choose the back or sleeve of the outfit. This will increase the impact of the outfit and your style will stand out more. If you are printing alone for the first time, you can choose one of the easy and practical printing techniques. DTF transfer is particularly suitable for first-time solo printers. All you need to do is apply the transfer paper with your design to your garment with an iron.

How to do DTF Transfer? 

DTF transfer, the most widely used today, takes only minutes to apply. However, it takes a certain process to turn the design into paper. This printing technique, which goes beyond printing with paint and molds, offers a modern design. If you want to use DTF transfer technique, you should follow these steps: 

  • Using software such as Adobe Photoshop, adjust the image you will print according to the size of the t-shirt.  
  • Enter the sharpness and contrast values through this software or photo editing programs. In this process, it is important to enter the appropriate values so that it is vivid and bright on your clothing.  
  • Heat and print temperature is set to 180 degrees and 90 seconds. 
  • After the image is prepared, it is printed from the inkjet printer to the transfer paper.  
  • The transfer paper printout is adhered to the garment to be printed with heat tapes.  
  • You can transfer this print onto your clothes with a press machine or iron.  
  • At the end, the empty garment will have new and eye-catching patterns on its surface.

In short, DTF transfer process is prepared and applied in this process. You can choose us for all your printing needs. We help you to do the printing process at home using this new and practical printing technique. Just send us your design to make custom clothing printing for yourself and your loved ones. We will soon send you your print on paper and include the instructions in your order. You can ask us any questions you may have before or after the print order. By asking any questions you may have, you can avoid missteps in the printing process. We, as transfer printing professionals, will offer you effective service in this regard.

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