Tips for Quality Results in DTF Printing  -

Tips for Quality Results in DTF Printing 

DTF is a high-quality printing method that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. This printing method is especially used to create colorful designs. However, some tips are important for the perfect application of this print. If you learn how to optimize them, you too can achieve excellent results on your clothes or home textiles. Below you will find information on tips for quality results in DTF printing.

Use Quality Equipment 

It is important to use quality equipment when printing DTF. Because the quality of the resulting work is related to the ink and printer. It is necessary to have a good heat press to achieve an effective result in all printing technologies. One of the most common problems in printing is clogging of the print head. However, if you have quality printing equipment, you will not encounter this problem frequently. For this, it is important that the ink is specially produced for DTF printing. This ensures color intensity, color saturation and durability.

Do Not Use Every PET Film

Pet films are one of the most necessary equipment in DTF transfer printing. However, you should know that you should not use every pet film. When choosing pet film, you should make sure that it is resistant to the high temperature and pressure of the heat press. You can buy films that are cut to work with large format and desktop printers.

Choose a Suitable Adhesive

Since DTF printing is a technological printing, it is necessary to use the equipment appropriately to produce quality results. Adhesive is one of the necessary materials used in this printing. When choosing the adhesive, you should pay attention to its quality and permanence. This is because the transfer powder should ensure the best adhesion of the print to the fabric. This substance should leave a soft feel on the print. It should also be resistant to washing. The fact that it does not produce a bad odor during printing is also among the features of a quality adhesive. It can also be advantageous to use transfer powder after printing. It is therefore important to choose a long-lasting DTF adhesive (transfer powder).

High Image Format and Pixel Size

The image format and pixel size are important for a good transfer of the printed pattern to the fabric. If the image is compressed and the pixels are low, the print will be of very poor quality. This is a very difficult error to correct. This is because the printing software only optimizes the clear design of the source image. This means that the higher the image resolution, the better the print quality.

We can say that it is more convenient to print images in PNG format. This is because images in this format do not have a white background. We do not recommend you to prefer JPG format images. Because printing a white background may not be suitable for your DTF design.

Print Head Type and Quality

Printhead type and quality is an important factor for the quality of the DTF transfer result. The printhead, which holds the different ink colors and sprays them onto the print media, contains many components. Especially the nozzle and electrical components are the most important. The number of nozzle holes is an important factor in print quality as it can affect print quality and speed. The nozzle holes can become clogged over time, resulting in inaccurate printing. It is therefore recommended to replace the print head 1 or 2 times a year. You can optimize the condition of the print head by checking it with the test stick.

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