Trends in Clothing Print Designs -

Trends in Clothing Print Designs

Clothing print designs are renewing themselves every day. Accordingly, modern and contemporary print designs are emerging. In particular, we see various and detailed prints with transfer printing technique. Remarkable and modern prints are used for both personal and commercial purposes. Let's take a look at the interesting trends in print designs together!

Minimalist and Soft Designs 

Minimalism, one of the most prominent designs in the design world in recent years, is also a lifestyle. In 2023, minimalist designs, which continue to be popular, seem to always maintain their place in the trend. Prints consisting of simple patterns, writings and soft colors can add an elegant touch to your outfit. You can wear these clothes on a daily basis or you can gift them to someone you love.

Color Grandyans 

Color grandyans are also one of the most preferred printing trends in recent times. This print, in which color transitions are used, enables the design of remarkable clothes. Especially those who want to create a bold and striking style in clothes prefer this printing trend. You can design a remarkable logo in this trend where two or more colors are used. You can also emphasize the dynamism and vitality of your brand by using the logo of your business.

Different Written and Symbolized Designs 

Since 2021, designs consisting of different writings and symbols have been taking their place in printing trends. Designing the text and symbols in this print is entirely up to your taste. To keep up with the printing trend, you can create eye-catching text and symbols. For example, you can write a quote that expresses your life motto or a quote that is popular in the country you live in. Therefore, cultural richness also plays a big role in print.

Geometric Shapes and Cutouts 

If you want to go beyond simple rectangular shapes, you can use interesting geometric shapes. Using creative shapes and cuts makes your print more eye-catching. Especially if you are interested in ethnic designs, geometric shapes can add a new dimension to your design. Sharp lines, geometric patterns and abstract art elements offer a bold and modern style.

Vintage and Retro Styles  

You can reflect the longing for the past with vintage and retro styles. Vintage and retro styles, which are widely used in print designs, are among the printing trends. Using color palettes that evoke nostalgic designs allows you to transform old fashion into contemporary fashion. Retro shapes are also part of the vintage style.

Holographic Effects and 3D Printing  

Technological textures and effects are also taking their place among printing trends. This printing trend, which offers new possibilities in fabrics and prints, adds a modern and futuristic atmosphere to clothes. Therefore, you can use technological textures such as holographic effects and 3D prints in contemporary and modern clothing designs.

Featured Printing Trend in Apparel Print Design: DTF Transfer  

DTF transfer is one of the printing techniques that breathes new life into the printing trend. With this printing technique you can create unique, modern and stunning collections. If you want to specialize in designing your own clothes, you can use DTF transfer in an easy way. You can also use this print in large quantities for promotional product designs. To use DTF transfer, send us your design and we will send you your design in paper! This printing method is especially recommended for people who are designing new clothes. Because it is simple to use and only requires clothing with a blank surface. Regardless of the fabric of the garment, it is possible to apply the print with the iron on the clean and blank surface.

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