What Are DTF Transfers Made Of?

What Are DTF Transfers Made Of?

DTF transfer, also called direct to film transfer, is one of the most widely used printing techniques. It is a matter of curiosity what this printing technique is made of. Transfer paper prepared with adhesive and high temperature curing can be easily applied to the surface. It offers a vivid and detailed print appearance as there is no low image quality. So what are DTF transfers made of and how are they prepared? You can read the rest of the content to find answers to these questions.

What Is DTF Transfer Powder Made Of?

DTF transfer powder is a material made of certain materials. This material is made of 100% high purity polyurethane. This material allows the transfer film to adhere easily to the fabric. Since prints are not easy to peel, DTF transfers are known to facilitate peeling. Its use is recommended because it facilitates print transfers.

Transfer powder offers many advantages to the printing project in which it is used. Providing a smooth adhesion to the desired material, this material extends the life and washability of the print. It is a versatile material as it can also be used for foil transfers. The advantages of transfer powder in general are:

  • Extends the life of the print,
  • It offers the possibility of multiple washes,
  • Easy to use,
  • It is very useful.

What Is Transfer Paper Made Of?

Transfer paper is one of the basic materials used in DTF printing. This material is mostly used in textile and handicraft projects. Coated with wax and pigment, this material is applied with an inkjet printer. With a heat press, the image can be easily transferred to clothing, canvas and similar surfaces.

What Are the Main Materials of DTF Transfers?

The main materials of DTF transfers consist of simple materials. These materials are carrier paper and inks. Transfer films heated to a certain temperature are transferred to the material with inks. Some inks have the ability to adhere and embed into the surface of the material. Other materials are applied to the coating of the material. However, we can say that transfers embedded in the surface are the best. Because they offer durable and useful solutions on fabric, wood and similar materials.

What Is the Purpose of a Heat Press and is it Useful?

DTF transfers are a type of heat press. These transfers are heated to a certain temperature and applied with heavy pressures. Since the transfer is embedded in the product, it gives permanent results. Therefore, it is best to use heat presses for professional heat press results. DTF transfers are also one of the best printing methods to offer permanent and useful products.

Can DTF Transfer Films be Used for HTV Printing?

DTF transfer films cannot be used for HTV printing. This is because HTV needs to be cut according to the design. DTF films do not require any cutting process. The design can only be printed on the transfer film with printers and inks. DTF transfers are transparent on both sides. Vinyl is colored on one side, so there is a difference between the two.

Do DTF Transfers Feel Like Vinyl?

DTF transfer films are a type of vinyl printing because they are direct films. This technique, which can be applied to various surfaces, feels like a soft vinyl transfer. Therefore, it has a structure that feels like vinyl. You can use these materials if you want to implement DTF transfers in the best possible way. Transfer powder, DTF printer and transfer films are also essential auxiliary equipment.  You can order your desired print order immediately to our company specializing in DTF printing.

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