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What are the Clothing Printing Methods?

Clothing printing is a process that is quickly becoming popular. The printing process, which has been done in different methods for many years, is developing rapidly. You no longer have to wear prints that are forced on you. You can make your own designs on your own products. You can use clothing prints suitable for every aspect of your private life. Prints cover all textile products. Are you tired of solid color t-shirts and classic prints? At this point, you are at the right address. We apply all types of clothing printing on a customized basis. We save you from your boring plain and classic textiles. And it's very easy to do. You imagine it and let the printing process do the rest.

T-shirts and textiles in general are made of polyester. Along with polyester, another preferred type of fabric is cotton. Crewneck, polo neck and V-neck models, on the other hand, are the most commonly used t-shirt models in solid colored fabrics. It is preferred by all age groups and there are models suitable for all seasons, including short sleeves and long sleeves. Unprinted t-shirts have now started to be replaced by designer t-shirts and designs are desired to be subjective.

Clothing printing can be suitable in many areas such as logos, pictures, drawings that you want. There are certain methods used while printing. These methods can be examined as follows.

Dye Transfer Printing

This transfer process is often used in printing processes that are desired to be done on unprinted plain t-shirts. The dye transfer printing process is done by transferring the images prepared by drawing the mold on the transfer paper.

 After this process, the paper prepared for the printing process on the t-shirt is placed in the desired place of the t-shirt with a heat press and transferred to the t-shirt in a short time with high heat application. 

The further steps of the process take place with a short wait. After the print is transferred on the t-shirt, it is left to dry in an airy area to cool. Then the transfer paper is completely removed from the product. In this way, your transfer will be carried out in a short time.

Screen Printing/ Emprime 

 Screen printing or Emprime Printing is a type of transfer that has existed for a long time and is frequently used in the textile field. It is the transfer type that provides the fastest results and is most cost-effective in product printing, especially in multiple printing products for t-shirt printing. This type of printing is not used much digitally. Molds are mostly used during application. Water-based and plastic paints can be used in this method, also known as screen printing. In transferring the dyes used, the dye is drawn on silk molds manually and with the help of a squeegee. Emprime printing  on the other hand, is a little different from this and is carried out by using industrial machines in the printing technique of the same dyes. It is possible to obtain more stable and durable prints in terms of pressure and distance Emprim printing.

Sublimation Digital Printing

Sublimation digital printing is a printing technology that transfers pictures, patterns, or graphics onto high-quality fabrics or materials with special ink and heat. The result is durable, vibrant, high-quality prints. 

Offset Transfer Printing.

Offset printing type is generally used in cover printing of products such as books and magazines. It is used for the transfer process on fabrics that are not suitable for digital printing. It is more costly than other types of printing.

DTF Printing

DTF Print transfer process is one of the most advanced and fastest print transfer processes, both in terms of speed and the machines used. By using a heat press machine, you can obtain prints with high quality and vibrant colors in a short time. You can visit our website to get detailed information about DTF Printing service.

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