What Can DTF Transfers Go On?

What Can DTF Transfers Go On?

DTF printing is applied on some materials as one of the special printing techniques. This printing technique is used in the textile industry, especially because it is applied on clothing. It is used in clothing designs for individuals or businesses. Other materials are also suitable for this printing technique. It is a matter of curiosity what DTF transfers, a versatile printing, can be applied on. With advanced technology in fabric applications, it is possible to mention that this print is useful for many things. Below, we have mentioned what DTF transfers can be applied on.

DTF Printing on Clothing 

DTF printing is traditionally most applicable on clothing. DTF, which stands out in customized printing techniques, can be used by both businesses and individuals. Some businesses generate income by using this printing technique. Clothes, in particular, are the objects where this printing is most commonly used. It can be applied on many clothes such as t-shirts, caps, denim, sweatshirts and hoddies.

Changes and trends in the fashion industry shape DTF printing. Because people design according to the trend and their own preferences. You can also print by making designs according to your own preferences and taste. If you want quality and unique logo designs for your business, you can choose this printing method. Because DTF transfers are suitable for multiple orders and produce quality prints in a short time. It is enough to design the logo of your business and specify on which type of clothing you will apply it.

DTF Printing on Bags and Accessories 

Did you know that DTF printing can also be applied to bags and accessories? This printing technique is highly specialized, offering cost-effective and positive results in small print runs. So much so that it can be applied to tote bags bearing the logo of businesses at trade fairs. It can also be applied on a wide range of accessories such as lanyards and key rings. Since accessories and tote bags will never go out of fashion, printing can be done in appropriate designs. You can turn to printed promotional products to give high quality and high advertising value gifts for your customers. You can even have DTF printing on school bags, pencil cases and many other useful items.

DTF Printing on Fabrics 

When we talk about clothes and tote bags, we see that the main material where DTF printing is used is fabric. In particular, nylon, polyester and synthetic fabrics are popular fabric types where DTF transfer is applied. This printing technique, which can be applied on many fabrics without the need for pre-printing, is suitable for all kinds of fabrics. However, it is recommended to apply on heat resistant fabrics. Because some synthetic and sensitive fabrics are likely to be damaged when exposed to excessive heat. If DTF printing is to be applied to sensitive fabrics, it is recommended to be applied by cold method at 150 degrees.

Can DTF Transfer be Applied on Notebooks and Cases?

The application of DTF transfer is not limited to clothes and bags. It can also be applied on covers and sleeves. Transfer films that work well on protective layers can be applied on journal covers, leather covers and magazine covers. However, since leather is a sensitive material in terms of heat resistance, it needs to be tested before application. Therefore, you can DTF print on objects such as notebook covers, mouse pads or phone cases in the designs you want.

DTF Printing on Wood

Wood is one of the materials that attracts attention with its natural texture and appearance. DTF transfer can also be done on this material in desired symbols. Today, most of the authentic and natural useful products are printed on. Printed plaques, picture frames and coasters are examples.

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