What Is DTF Transfer Film?

What Is DTF Transfer Film?

The DTF printing technique, which can be applied to dark colored products, does not require pre-printing. Bringing a breath of fresh air to inkjet technology, DTF printing is highly innovative. It can be considered an exciting alternative because it has a simple operation. Since it involves transferring fabric onto film, it can be applied especially on clothes. It is one of the most preferred printing techniques as it can be applied to almost any fabric. It is a versatile technique as it can be applied on materials that are resistant to temperatures up to 130 degrees. Let's take a comprehensive look at what DTF transfers are!

What is DTF Printing System and What Does It Do?

The direct printing system is gaining momentum today. It is especially preferred to produce promotional products in today's business world. It is seen as a valuable printing technique because it contributes to textile printing technology. You can choose to expand your product portfolio or diversify your individual designs.

The DTF transfers system involves printing special films onto fabrics. They are characterized by their capacity to last longer than traditional screen printing. In this printing technique, fabrics such as polyester, rayon and cotton can be printed. Therefore, it offers flexible use as it can be applied on any fabric and material.

Why DTF Printing is Preferred?

The answer to the question of why DTF printing is preferred is quite simple. This printing technique can be applied on all kinds of fabric and heat-resistant material surfaces. On the other hand, cutting and sorting processes are not required as in some printing techniques. At the same time, the prints are flexible and high quality when made with quality equipment. In addition to being resistant to washing, it is also simple to use. White color printing is not very common in other printing techniques. However, thanks to DTF printing, white color printing is possible. It also offers economical solutions in the printing process as consumables are affordable.

What is the Equipment Required for DTF Transfer?

There is some equipment used in every printing technique. It is important to find the quality of this equipment. Because quality equipment offers durable and useful printing products. The equipment required for DTF transfer is listed below:

  • DTF printer (professional machines may be preferred according to the order volume of the business)
  • Rip software
  • DTF transfer printing powder
  • White ink mixer
  • Flat transfer printing machines
  • DTF ink set
  • Circulation pump

DTF Printing on Textile 

DTF printing is most preferred for clothing as it is mostly applied on textile products. It is also used in home textiles as it is also applied on duvet covers, sheets and kitchen aprons. It can be applied to all textile products using inkjet DTF printers. However, DTF film and DTF transfer powder are also required for textiles. The DTF film is applied to the surface of the textile at a certain temperature. Then the transfer powder is adhered and melted. After the transfer is achieved with the transfer press, the print is allowed to cool down. After cooling for a few minutes, the film is peeled off and the designed print is revealed.

Can DTF Printing Be Applied on Hard Objects?

DTF transfer is not only a printing technique applied on textiles but can also be applied on hard objects. However, UV DTF printing is used for this. This printing method is the coating of UV DTF film with a hot lamination device. UV DTF transferred to the hard object is especially applied on wood, mugs and similar products. It is therefore suitable for authentic and customized gift products.

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