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What is DTF Transfer? How Does It Work?

DTF (Direct to Film) print transfer is a printing technique we use to transfer graphics or patterns onto textiles. This method is used especially in the textile industry to print on clothing, home textiles and other textile products. DTF print transfer is performed using a special printer and ink set and involves the following steps:

Design Preparation: The first step is to prepare the pattern to be printed on the computer. The design is created in color and adjusted to the size and dimensions to be printed.

 Ink Principle Printer Usage: A special printer is used for DTF print transfer. This printer prints the pattern on a special film material or transfer film. The ink is printed on the transfer film with high quality and detail.

Film Preparation: Transfer film coated with ink allows the pattern to be transferred to the textile product to be printed. The film is cut according to the size and shape of the textile product to be printed.

Transfer with Heat Press: The pattern on the film is transferred to the textile product using a heat press. The heat press is applied at high temperature and for a period of time appropriate to the textile material to be printed. This process completes the transfer of the ink and ensures that the pattern adheres to the textile product.

 Cooling and Peeling: When the transfer process is completed, the textile product is cooled and the transfer film is carefully peeled off. This ensures that the pattern adheres firmly to the textile. DTF print transfer is used to achieve high quality and durable prints. It ensures that colors are vibrant and details are sharp. This method is especially popular for personalized clothing and other textile products.

What are the Film Types Suitable for DTF Transfer?

DTF printing is a technologically advanced type of transfer. The combination of Text and Ink is also very important, but it is also of great importance to determine which films are most suitable for DTF transfer. Films frequently used for DTF Design are as follows:

Polyester Film: Polyester films are preferred very often because they are long-lasting and provide excellent adhesion of the ink.

Mylar Films: It is durable and its dimensional consistency is very strong. It is actually a type of polyester film.

Acetate Films: They are large and hold ink well. Vinyl Films: They are used when a flexible base is needed for clothes.

Photographic Films: Used in high-end printing jobs.

Can DTF Printing Be Done at Home?

Many people in many fields want to complete the printing transfer process by giving their product to the business. Some customers want to do this process freely at home.

So is this process possible? It can be quite difficult to get a DTF machine and the materials needed to make it work in your home. If you contact us, you can have the opportunity to print freely at home as you wish.

So How? You can send us the photo logo designs you want via our website by determining their size and features. We process the designs you send within the day. After the designs you send go through the necessary processes, we turn them into a heat-printed transfer paper and deliver them to you on a textile product. You can apply the print you receive to the area you want with the necessary instructions and temperature. Although it may seem difficult at first, it is a very easy and enjoyable process.

This transfer you will make is created with the highest quality ink and is very durable. You can use it comfortably for long periods of time. You can machine wash and iron.

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