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What is Printing?

Printing is a technique used in many sectors. We also see that printing techniques are often needed in the textile industry. Applying a single color or various colors to some parts of the clothes is called printing. Effective results are obtained after applying the desired colors and patterns to the surface of the fabrics. Therefore, various prints can be made to provide an aesthetic appearance on clothes.

Technological advances in the textile industry make it possible to produce new products and meet all textile needs of people. Fabric products are offered with various pattern options according to their intended use. Especially in personal clothing designs, digital prints play a big role. If you want to design your own clothes, you need to use special printing techniques. Below is information about the most commonly used printing techniques and their characteristics.

What are the Types of Printing?

Today, there are many types of printing in the textile industry. Digital printing, sublimation printing, screen printing and transfer printing are generally used. The usage techniques of these printing types are as follows:

Digital Printing: This type of printing, which is done without removing the mold, can be applied to many fabrics. All kinds of colors, patterns and models can be used. At the same time, colors appear vivid with this print.

Sublimation Printing: This type of printing can only be applied to polyester fabric. Its application starts with the design of the patterns to be applied to the fabric. These patterns are then transferred to paper and applied to the fabric.

Screen Printing: It is applied to all kinds of fabrics and generally has high durability. It is a preferred type of printing. The cost varies according to the colors chosen. For this reason, it is more preferred in low-color designs.

Transfer Printing: Today, it is the most preferred and satisfied print. Because it is quite simple to apply. It can also be applied to all kinds of fabrics. Since it saves time, the desired design can be applied in minutes with transfer printing. DTF transfer, which has a wide usage today, is frequently used in the fashion industry. It is also used in individual clothing designs. So, if you want to print on your t-shirt or any of your clothes in the designs you want, you can use the DTF transfer technique.

You can personalize your style with the patterns and colors you design. You can have a remarkable and unique style by making various designs especially on your t-shirts. DTF transfer is made by hot pressing process. As a company that uses this printing method, we offer you easy and flexible designs.

How to Make a Print at Home?

In today's digitalized world, you can now print your clothes even at home. Especially with some newly developed printing methods, you can realize a fun handicraft project. How? DTF transfer is a printing technique that allows you to apply your own patterns and colors to your clothes such as t-shirts or pants at home. We also use this printing technique for personalized designs.

It is now much more fun to print at home with the printing technique in question. With this printing technique, you can apply the designs you want to your clothes. For this, you must first create your design. However, you can also print the photo or logo on your clothes. You can upload the design you created, the photo you took or the logo you designed to our website during the ordering process. These are converted into transfer paper by hot pressing and sent to you. You can easily apply this printing paper to the garment you want.

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