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What is sublimation printing?

Wouldn't you like to print on long-lasting, light-coloured and high-resolution products that you can use for years? While creating new styles is becoming fashionable, if you want to be able to create your own unique styles and have the opportunity to print the best quality and most affordable prices on many different products, the sublimation printing we offer is just for you. Before explaining in depth what you need for this process and to get started, we would like to tell you about Sublimation printing systems. In its simplest terms, Sublimation is the process of transferring a design of your choice, using a special transfer paper, to specially produced products for Sublimation printing, through heat. The surface on which you want to print this sublimation must contain a certain amount of polymer in order for the print to adhere. Sublimation printing, which is used as the most popular printing method especially in the personalized gift industry, is also a good starting point for people who will step into a different new sector because Sublimation printing is cost-effective and economical.

 How is Sublimation Printing Done? 

Sublimation printing is a process that needs to be studied carefully. First, work is done on the design of the image we want to print. This design can be whatever you want. Then, the printout of the prepared image is carefully transferred to the Sublimation transfer paper via a printer with suitable Sublimation ink. Transfer paper Sublimation printing is adhered to the suitably selected item using thermal heat tape. The temperature level is selected specifically for the item you use and the product is printed. The subliminalization ink on the transfer paper evaporates and turns into a gas with the heat and pressure applied, without flowing or smearing before going into zero form. The ink, which has turned into a gaseous form, is adhered to the product with a special polyester structure by sublimation and your item becomes ready for use.

 Which Products Is Sublimation Applied To?

 Many personalized products and souvenirs can be produced with Sublimation printing, which is a printing technique where you can get quality and vivid results. Some suitable products produced specifically for subliminal printing can be products such as glass, metallic, ceramic, stone, plastic and wood. In addition to all these, products such as fabric shirts, gloves and hats can also be printed with sublimation printing. But this. It is important that fabrics for sublimation printing must be entirely made of polyester.

Advantages of Sublimation Printing?

The most important advantage of sublimation printing is that it is cost-effective. However, there is the possibility that production can be started immediately with a desktop desktop printer and press machine. Compared to other systems, it has both low investment and low operating costs. With this printing method, it is possible to achieve photo quality and other results. However, this result may vary depending on different factors such as printer ink and transfer paper you use.

You can use a product made with sublimation printing for a long time in a quality way. Sublimation printing can apply in many fields. With the number of sublimation prints, you can produce a lot of one product.

Along with sublimation printing, DTF printing transfer service is also asked a lot. DTP printing is newer than transver sublimation printing. It gives the same sustainability and the same quality in terms of quality and use. The biggest difference between them is that your fabric does not need to be polyester in DTF print transfer. You can apply any print you want to any fabric and any color.

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