What is DTF Transfer?

What is DTF Transfer?

With DTF transfers being frequently preferred recently, questions such as 'What is DTF transfer, what does it do' have gained importance. DTF transfer is a printing technique used as an advertising tool for textiles, gift products and businesses. This printing technique, which stands out in the printing industry, produces prints in all colors and patterns you can think of.

 Although it may seem like a difficult process to produce prints, it is easy with DTF printing. Especially if you want to apply your print on your own, you can choose DTF, which requires high quality and practical application.

Why is DTF Printing Preferred?

DTF transfer are a printing technique that has emerged with technological developments in recent years. With its special formulation and application process, it has managed to stand out in the printing industry. Its easy application and convenient stages are among the features that satisfy the user. 

We cannot end by counting the reasons why DTF printing is preferred. Because this special printing technique lightens the burden of businesses as it offers a wide range of colors. It is also preferred because it provides quality and affordable products.

Can I Apply Iron on DTF Transfer?

When it comes to DTF transfer, many people wonder about the application process. We mentioned that this printing technique requires an easy and practical application process. When it needs to be applied at home, it is possible to apply iron on it. You can use an iron for this printing method applied with a heat press. 

Even if you try this printing method for the first time, you should know that it is a very simple process because it can be applied with an iron. After placing your fabric on the surface of the application area, you can place your print on it. You can then leave the iron on for a few minutes to ensure that the print completely penetrates the fabric.

Is the DTF Printing Process Easy?

The DTF printing process can be easy depending on the type and pattern of the print. This printing technique can generally be applied on fabrics such as cotton, leather, artificial leather and polyester. At the beginning of this process, you need to create a design and then transfer it to digital design software. But don't worry, this is done by professional printing businesses. 

Specialized printing businesses then transfer this printing technique onto special transparent film. After applying a layer of adhesive powder and covering it with a thin layer of adhesive, the process is now simple. After the heat press is applied on it, it is waited to be transferred to the application surface. Then there is a waiting time for the film to peel off. After waiting 5 or 6 minutes, it is expected to peel off for a vivid and durable printing result.

What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Using a DTF Printer? 

Using a DTF printer is essential for businesses. In fact, a quality DTF printer is considered a good investment. At this point, the benefits and disadvantages of the printer in the DTF printing process come into play. To mention the pros, we can count the following: 

  • No preliminary preparation required.
  • Flexible advantage as it can be applied on different fabrics and materials.
  • It is more beneficial than other printing methods as it can be applied quickly and easily.

DTF transfer printers can also bring some disadvantages. However, the disadvantages are not as many as the advantages. Therefore, it provides functionality and practicality in terms of its application. When we come to the disadvantages, we can make a comparison with other printing techniques. This printing technique can be limited for large orders.

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