Whats DTF Transfers?

Whats DTF Transfers?

DTF transfers are one of the digital printing methods that require specialized printing process and materials. This printing process, which stands for Direct Film Transfer, involves applying onto fabric or materials using a heat press. It is versatile as it can be applied on polyester, cotton, denim and even leather fabrics. You can choose DTF transfers, which stand out with their wide range of options and advantages, for your printing projects.

What is needed for DTF printing?

You will need some materials to make DTF printing. However, these materials may vary depending on your intended use. For example, if you are going to use it to produce prints in your printing business, you should use professional materials. On the other hand, if you are going to apply it at home, you need simpler materials. Here are the materials you need to produce prints from scratch in a printing business:

  • DTF printer,
  • DTF ink,
  • DTF Film,
  • Automatic powder shaker,
  • Software for DTF Printer,
  • Heat press machine,
  • Curing oven,
  • Heat gun.

All these are the most important printing materials for professional businesses. These are sold individually as well as in sets. If you are going to provide DTF transfer service for the first time, we prefer you to buy quality materials in sets. If you are going to print at home, the business will already send you the necessary materials for this.

The only thing you need to find is a heat press or iron. You should apply the transfer paper sent ready-made with the help of an iron according to the specified instructions. Thus, you can turn your design into a print in minutes with ready-made materials.

What are the Unique Benefits of DTF Transfers?

When it comes to DTF transfer, it is possible to talk about different benefits than other prints. You can achieve the best results with the right powder and ink. You should also consider the application instructions to achieve the best quality and best transfer solutions. First of all, knowing the advantages of DTF printing is important for your decision making. Below are the unique and noteworthy advantages of DTF printing:

  • It converts detailed patterns in every color into prints.
  • It is very durable as it offers flexible printing. You can make prints without fading and cracking.
  • It can be applied to various substrates such as fabric, glass, wood and plastic.
  • You can easily turn your designs into prints in a short time with a heat press or iron.
  • It offers practical solutions for one-off or bulk printing.
  • Economical because you can print without the need for extra materials.

DTF Transfer Order 

If you have decided to buy DTF transfer, you need to order it. If you are not a business and want to do it at home, you should buy ready-made transfer papers. For this, you must first send us the photo file of your design.

You should specify the size you want and the material to which it will be applied as a note. We will undertake the DTF printing process and send it to you ready. You can easily apply the ready-made transfer that arrives at your address on the material you want.

What You Need to Know About DTF Transfers 

Although DTF transfers require an easy process, you should be careful. Although it does not require pre-treatment, the print is heat pressed twice to make it durable. You can also do a one-time process, but this can cause your print to deteriorate after a few washes.

On the other hand, you should also follow the washing instructions. You should wash your printed products in cold water and in a delicate wash program. You should avoid drying and ironing as much as possible.

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