Where to Get Custom DTF Transfers?

Where to Get Custom DTF Transfers?

DTF transfer is prepared through a special production process. Nowadays, prints aim to offer customized solutions. Because ordinary patterns and logos are no longer preferred. For this reason, striking and interesting prints are preferred, especially in the textile and fashion industry. Traditional prints may not be suitable for all kinds of projects. However, DTF transfer, a new generation printing technique, offers customized solutions for many sectors and specific applications.

Where are DTF Transfer Prints Produced?

Specially prepared DTF transfers are produced as a result of certain processes. This production process usually takes place in workshops or small businesses. We, as a custom DTF printing manufacturer, prepare special prints for you.  The prints we apply on all kinds of fabrics and colors are produced at 1440x1440 DPI resolution. You can choose us for printing solutions that require high resolution and detail.

We deliver the prints we have prepared to your addresses. You can apply your print in a corner of your home by following the instructions we have specially prepared for you. If you want to print easily in a short time, you can send us the images you have designed. Since our contact addresses are always available, we can prepare your prints in a short time. You can ask us the questions you want to ask during the order process and wait for your print to be prepared with peace of mind.

How is a DTF Transfer Prepared?

The preparation process of DTF transfers starts with customers submitting their designs. If you want to have a special print, you can create your design with photoshop programs. Then you can send it to us. You can create your design as text, logo or pattern. With the help of DTF printing machine, we can print your designs as printouts. In this process, we can prepare your print by sprinkling white transfer printing powder on the transfer film.

You can be sure that we make a quality printing process to ensure that the ink adheres to the film. We heat the print output we prepare with the transfer printing machine and ensure that it penetrates the film. We adjust the size according to textile or other application areas. After determining the direction of the print according to the application area, we can optionally print the print. However, usually the requests are only for the preparation of the print. If you want to apply your print at home, you can take advantage of our ready-made transfer prints.

What Sizes to Prepare DTF Transfers?

You may wonder in which sizes DTF transfers will be prepared. As a professional printing company, we prepare the prints on a quantity printing machine.  We produce 300 DPI high resolution prints in many sizes. These sizes are A4, A3 and A5. Optionally, we can also apply prints suitable for 22 inch width and 20 feet in height. We can create prints of any size and pattern on high-capacity and state-of-the-art printing machines.

DTF Transfer Applications Suitable for Every Project 

DTF transfers are the most preferred printing technique in the textile industry today. However, its usage and application area is not limited to these. The advertising sector also benefits from this printing technique. It is especially preferred as an advertising tool in company logo designs, banners, promotional products and many other applications. At the same time, art branches also frequently prefer this special printing. Because art branches usually resort to visual prints based on visuality. For this reason, artistic prints are used in many products such as clothes, mugs, tapestries and duvet covers. In short, you can choose our DTF transfer service for a wide range of printing options.

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