Differences Between DTF Printing and Conventional Printing

There are huge differences between DTF printing and traditional printing. Although both systems basically work for the same purpose, their functioning is different from each other. People who want to personalize clothes often prefer printed t-shirts and clothes. Thanks to the methods used in the DTF printing system, the printing applied to the t-shirt becomes more permanent.

DTF transfer method is much more advantageous than other printing systems. It is better quality and more durable compared to traditional printing methods. Customers who prefer t-shirts with high-quality prints will definitely choose this printing system. With custom DTF printing, the prints transferred to t-shirts are both more vivid and more permanent.

The prints in some printing systems are transferred to the t-shirt by spraying. In some t-shirt printing methods, it is transferred directly via the computer. Although DTF prints are of higher quality than other types of prints, the quality of the printed fabric is also important. Cheap fabrics are more prone to losing their shape. For this reason, as the properties of the fabric change, the print on the t-shirt may deform accordingly.

Price Difference Between Printing Methods

T-shirt printing methods using heat press can be carried out in many different ways. Manufacturers prefer to use the most affordable materials when producing these t-shirts. The materials used in the DTF printing method are both high quality and very affordable.

A special ink is used in some printing techniques. Thanks to these inks, the models to be embroidered are transferred to the t-shirt. In some methods, molds of the shapes of the prints are used. However, creativity in these methods are quite limited. The most commonly used type of printing is heat transfer printing. With these prints which ones are made with heat press, the model on the transfer paper is transferred to the t-shirts by applying a certain heat. This method is among the most frequently used methods. It is both highly preferred and facilitates mass production.

When the DTF printing method is used, the desired design and shape can be transferred to t-shirts via custom gang sheet. Although printing using heat did not make t-shirts usable for a long time when it was first used, it has become one of the most used methods thanks to the methods developed over time.

DTF Printing Advantages

T-shirt printing applied with the custom heat transfer method is the most preferred type of printing worldwide. There are many methods for printing on t-shirts. Some of these methods were complicated and some were quite simple. There are many methods, from inkjet t-shirt printing to sewing printing.

Most companies that design t-shirts prefer to use materials that allow them to use their own imagination. DTF printing gives designers free space in this regard. What both designers and customers want is for the designs to look vibrant, long-lasting and at affordable prices, just as desired. For this reason, the best method to support creativity in the printing industry is the DTF transfer method. In this way, designers can transfer the design they want to t-shirts and do so at very affordable prices. Therefore, since the price of the product they sell will be affordable, people may prefer these products more.

The printing industry benefits developing with printing technologies. There are many methods to make mass production easier and to produce at affordable costs. DTF printing is becoming more common and used in more industries. It has become the most preferred method for printing through heat. Some of the advantages that can be achieved with the DTF printing method:

  • Reasonable price
  • Easy printing
  • Mass production
  • Long-term permanence
  • Quality
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